Re-equipment of passenger ships

Well-timed repair and re-equipment of ships is the key to a successful business in sea and river passenger transportation. It is unlikely that passengers will want to buy tickets for an old, rusty ship with torn seat trim and soot flying into the passenger compartment. The modernization of passenger ships will make the vessels comfortable and attractive to people. A person will definitely want to repeat the trip on a soft, comfortable ship, which does not stink of diesel and technical fluids. The Kherson Shipbuilding Company will perform the re-equipment of vessels at low prices for you.

Re-equipment of passenger ships

What does the re-equipment of passenger ships include?

The modernization of passenger ships includes a comprehensive update of all major systems of the craft, increasing comfort for passengers, as well as ensuring safety. Before the reparation start, we carry out the flaw detection to determine which sections and details of the ship must be renewed. Kherson Shipbuilding Company will perform the following works

  • Elimination of ship hull defects (corrosion, cracks, holes, dents);
  • Installation of a new marine diesel engine, or repair of an old one;
  • Modernization of the propeller-rudder system of the vessel, installation of new elements for the proper performance of the new engine;
  • Replacement of navigation systems and communication facilities on board of the ship;
  • Repair and replacement of ship systems, including the electrical;
  • Repair of crew rooms, modernization of ship control systems;
  • Repair of passengers cabins, complete replacement of seats and windows, installation or repair of an air conditioning system;
  • Modernization of ship alarm systems, etc.

Entrusting an old boat to the specialists of the Kherson Shipbuilding Company, you will receive a vessel that meets all modern requirements for comfort, driving performance, economy, and safety.

What can a passenger ship be converted to?

Re-equipment of a ship does not always imply its modernization. In particular, a ship designed to carry passengers can easily be converted into another type of vessel. Most often, old boats and yachts are turned into small floating restaurants. To achieve this, the new erections are installed, and a second-tier is added, as well as a kitchen and premises for staff are equipped. In addition, the old ship can be converted into a floating hotel.

Also, crafts are often converted from passenger’s vessels to small cargo or fishing ones. For this, the passenger part is shortened, and special equipment for fishing, storage, and processing of fish is installed on the vacant space. If a small vessel is in poor condition and is no longer suitable for further operation, it can be turned into a barge.