Sale of a Pleasure Vessels

A pleasure boat is an excellent option to start your own business in entertainment and tourism. If you buy a water bus, you can arrange tourist trips and tours. Besides, it is also an option to buy a special pleasure boat equipped for specific occasions such as a sea party. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers to buy pleasure vessels from the manufacturer at beneficial prices.

Sale of a Pleasure Boat

Types of Pleasure Boats

Watercrafts of the kind can refer to one of the two categories including

  • Small-sized vessels – designed for 18 people maximum 12 of whom are passengers;
  • Passenger vessels – designed for more than 12 passengers.

The first type is mostly often used for river trips or going to the sea at a small distance and for a short period of time (as a rule, 1-2 hours). It is usually small motor boats and yachts.

Passenger pleasure boats can be used for longer tours (up to several hours) as well as for various events including concerts and parties. Also, such pleasure boats can be good for travelling.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company – Wide Range of Pleasure Boats

Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers to buy pleasure boats of various types. We sell watercrafts of our own production and guarantee their high quality. Vessels are manufactured in compliance with the current shipbuilding standards; our production is notable for high reliability, longevity and stability even in severe weather conditions.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company can build both small-sized and passenger boats. Our professionals have vast experience in shipbuilding that`s why they can implement any ides of a client. We offer to manufacture vessels by our own drafts as well as by client`s drawings and drafts.

After the preliminary analysis of the project professionals of KSC will detect weak spots (if any) and offer corrections. You can look at vessels built by our enterprise in photos at our site. Kherson Shipbuilding Company always offers affordable prices for any types of production as well as quick delivery to any part of Ukraine.