Installation of a propelling engine

Installing a propelling engine may be required in several cases. First of all, during the construction, as well as repair of the vessel, when a diesel replacement is planned. This work is especially relevant for ships built back in Soviet times or in the 90s, because the resource of their power units is already running out. Also, the installation of a propelling engine is required after engine repair and bench tests. Troubleshooting a diesel engine often requires dismantling and complete disassembly. Kherson Shipbuilding Company installs propelling engines, and also offers diesel repair and conversion services.

Installation of a propelling engine

The process of engine installation?

In most cases, the installation of the ship’s engine is carried out in a complete, assembled form. The technical equipment of the Kherson Shipbuilding Company allows us to load the power unit directly into the engine room of the vessel. Alignment of the diesel engine is carried out in accordance with the position of the shaft line. If the shafting has not yet been installed, the installation is carried out optically.

The diesel is mounted on wedges or shock absorbers. After alignment is completed, holes for fixing are made in the foundation. The propelling engine is fixed either with the help of fitted bolts or using special joints made with the use of polymeric materials.

After the diesel is fixed, the strength of the fasteners is checked. Then the diesel is connected to the main systems. The fuel supply pipe is connected, the shaft line is joined, etc.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company provides installation of diesel engines on any watercraft

Kherson Shipbuilding Company carries out installation of marine diesel engines on boats of various types. We carry out work for passenger, cargo, and fishing vessels. Our professionals have vast experience in installing various types of powerplants, so we are ready to carry out the installation and alignment of engines from various manufacturers. HSP guarantees the high quality of work. We check the reliability of installation at every stage. Trusting us, you will receive services at a pleasant price. In addition, our professionals repair marine diesel engines.