Re-equipment of the vessel

Ship modernization is an obligatory requirement for any shipowner. Sooner or later, any watercraft begins to cause losses. Time passes, technology does not stand still, and the prices of consumables and fuel are constantly growing. Keeping an old Soviet boat or tugboat that uses up a huge amount of fuel is simply unprofitable.

Besides, with the lapse of time, ships become outdated and require improvement. Every year they break more and more. Do you want to save on fuel and get rid of constant downtime due to breakdowns? Repair and re-equipment of vessels from the Kherson Shipbuilding Company will solve all your problems.

Re-equipment of the vessel

Re-equipment of vessels will save you from unnecessary expenses

Modernization of watercraft includes all the necessary work to increase efficiency, reliability, and safety. Professionals of the Kherson Shipbuilding Company are ready to provide all the necessary services so that your ship brings you only profit and no problems. We know what needs to be done in order for the craft to work as efficiently as possible:

  • Install a new, modern diesel;
  • Replace obsolete elements of the propeller-rudder system with more reliable ones;
  • Install new systems that facilitate the operation of the vessel;
  • Install the latest navigation and communication mechanisms;
  • Replace pipeline systems using modern and high-quality system elements, powerful pumps, electric motors, etc;
  • Removing the worn furniture by installing the new and plumbing replacement;
  • Repair or install new air conditioners and heating systems.

Entrusting the reequipment of the vessels to HSP specialists will save you from breakdowns and significantly save on fuel as well as give passengers comfort, after which they will definitely want to return.

Is it possible to refit a ship into a vessel of a different type?

Sure, and this is a very popular service in many European countries. Gradually, it comes to Ukraine as well.

Our customers are interested in the re-equipment of small boats into all kinds of floating leisure complexes more often. For example, the restaurants on the water or even hotels are among the most popular. In addition, services and the transformation of passenger ships into cargo ships and vice versa are in demand. Even a decrepit, unusable craft can be given a second life. For example, turning it into a self-propelled or non-self-propelled cargo barge.