Re-equipment of tugboats

The modernization of tugboats is mainly necessary for old Soviet-built ships. They constitute the lion’s share of the port and river fleet for towing barges. Over the years, any watercraft is aging and requires significant updating and high-quality repairs. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers customers the services of refitting tugboats both for the purpose of updating and for re-equipment into other vessels.

Re-equipment of tugboats

KSC offers favorable prices for the re-equipment of tugboats

Kherson Shipbuilding Company is ready to update the tugboat of any type. Our experts offer services at an affordable cost. We produce most parts for ships of this kind at our own facilities. In addition, HSP works directly with most leading equipment manufacturers, so the lack of intermediaries allows us to offer the best prices for our work.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company provides an excellent quality of the repair. We make sure that the parts that are manufactured at our enterprise are reliable and functional. We guarantee high quality for all types of repair of tugboats, regardless of complexity. Entrusting the re-equipment of ships to our professionals, you will get an amazing result.

How the specialists will refit tugboats

Professionals of the Kherson Shipbuilding Company re-equip tugboats as quickly as possible. Our specialists carry out the full range of works necessary for the restoration or refurbishment of the vessel, including the following tasks:

  • Detection and determination of all major faults;
  • Repair of the ship’s hull, elimination of dents, holes, corrosion sites;
  • Updating marine diesel engines, maintenance, and engine replacement;
  • Installation of new navigation systems and communications;
  • Repair and manufacture of ship system;
  • Repair of ship equipment, devices, mechanisms, etc.

In addition, tugboats can be transformed into another type of vessel. For example, a vessel of this kind can be converted into a small fishing felucca or boat. Also, port tugs can be converted into small passenger boats, which are used for official purposes or for your pleasure. Kherson Shipbuilding Company is ready to modernize any tugboat for a pleasant price.