Pleasure Vessels construction

Customers from coastal regions most often turn to us for the construction of a pleasure craft. With the help of such boats, excursions are organized and passenger transportation by sea is established between the central part of cities and remote areas where recreation centers are located. In addition, vessels of this type are in demand among companies that organize diving for customers. And also recently, the demand for pleasure boats for river transport has been growing. Excursions along the Dnieper floodplains are increasingly popular as a type of family vacation. Kherson Shipbuilding Company is the construction of a pleasure craft that will meet any requirements of the customer.

Pleasure Vessels construction

What does the production of pleasure boat include?

Small vessels (cutters and yachts), designed for several tens of passengers, as a rule, belong to the category of pleasure boats. It is usually up to 20-30 places, but sometimes more. Work on the ship begins with the development and approval of the project. HSP engineers will carry out the construction both according to standard drawings, and according to a project of their own development. In addition, we are ready to fulfill the order according to the drawings of the customer.

The creation of a pleasure boat is a step-by-step process that includes the following works:

  • Assembly of the hull;
  • Installation of main engines, diesel generators, assembly of ship systems;
  • Installation of propeller-drive complex;
  • Facing of ship premises, equipment of the captain’s cabin, salon, technical premises, etc.
  • Installation of electrical systems, communication and navigation systems;
  • Painting, etc.

Upon completion of construction, the ship is sent for testing. All life support and safety systems are checked. Commissioning is being carried out. Then the ship is launched and a final test is carried out, including a check of the stability and running test of the ship.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company – means the best pleasure boats for your business

Kherson Shipbuilding Company performs the building of pleasure boats for any purpose. We are ready to build both small cutters with a small cruising range and mini motor ships designed to overcome relatively large distances. HSP products are confidence for the team and comfort for passengers. A guarantee is provided for all vessels of our company. At ours, you can order pleasure boats and yachts at the best prices.