Maintenance of a Propeller Rudder Unit

Maintenance of a Propeller Rudder Unit is needed on a regular basis. It is caused by screw propellers and blades being damaged in collisions with bottom, ice or water obstacles. Also, parts are replaced because of their wear-outs or misuse of a vessel. Maintenance of a propeller rudder unit is in the list of compulsory works while an overhaul. Kherson Shipbuilding Company is ready to remedy faults of the system on the watercrafts of any type.

Maintenance of a Propeller Rudder Unit

KSC – the Broadest Range of Services in Maintenance of a Propeller Rudder Unit in Ukraine

Kherson Shipbuilding Company performs repairs of a propeller rudder unit of any complexity. Before commencement of works professionals carry out the total malfunction detection of the system which allows them to find a defect (if it is unknown), its causes as well as to detect any other “trouble spots”. Based on the fault detection act the requirement specification and repairs plan are compiled.

Professionals of KSC are ready to perform the following works in faults remedy of a propeller rudder system:

  • replacement or repairs of screw blades and gypsy heads;
  • bead welding and boring out of shafts, clearing of micro-damages, resistance coating;
  • replacement and repairs of blades;
  • replacement of a stern tube seal etc.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company manufactures the majority of parts for repairs at its own production facilities. We order the other parts from reputable manufacturers. Reliable materials and huge experience of our employees let us guarantee high quality maintenance and overhaul.