Sale of Boats

Selling boats is rather demanded by enthusiasts of active vacations. Fortunately, our country is abundant in various rivers and it has access to the sea. That`s why there are a lot of opportunities for water trips enthusiasts and fishermen to indulge in favourite activities. Kherson Shipbuilding Company sells boats and motor boats from the manufacturer. We guarantee high standard of products from our assembly line.

Sale of Boats

What Is It Better to Buy – a Boat or Motor Boat in Ukraine?

What is the difference between these vessels? A boat is a watercraft without cabins which is equipped with an outboard engine. Motor boats can be fitted either with an inboard or outboard engine but there is a cabin or cockpit.
The main advantage of boats is their price. Vessels of the kind are less expensive than motor boats. Therefore if you look for a budget-friendly option, such solution is ideal. Besides, a boat is simpler in servicing compared to the motor boat with an inboard engine. An outboard engine is easily dismounted and it can be serviced single-handedly without help of repair shops.
As for motor boats and yachts it is more expensive category of ships. And at the same time the advantages are obvious compared to the ones of the boats.

  • Power. As a rule such vessels are significantly powerful compared to a regular boat.
  • Stability. It is more difficult to keel over for a motor boat than to a regular boat.
  • Comfort. A cabin or cockpit can provide safe and secure conditions from severe weather.

Obviously a motor boat is a top choice but it costs a lot. If you budget is limited and you mainly plan to go by rivers and lakes it is better to decide in favour of a boat. For your information: it is more preferable to buy a particularly new watercraft. Selling new boats is not much more expensive but in case with the vessel “off the assembly line” you can be sure in technical intactness, reliability, and security.
Kherson Shipbuilding Company – Vessels of High Quality

Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers boats, motor boats, yachts of its own manufacturing.

At the internet site of the company you can find vessels of various types and characteristics. We offer both budget friendly boats and ships of medium and premium category. All the production is manufactured at our own facilities; you can buy a watercraft “ex-factory” without overpayment. Delivery is performed all over the territory of Ukraine. It makes no matter where you live – in Kyiv or Odesa, or Sumy we will manufacture and deliver your order.