Production and installation of ship pipeline systems

The manufacture of ship piping systems is required on a wide variety of ships starting from old, Soviet watercraft to new modern passenger and cargo vessels. Ship piping systems are arteries and veins through which the most important fluids for the functioning of a vessel flow. Therefore if the malfunction of any systems appears, you have to give it a repair immediately. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers the production and installation of ship pipeline systems on any vessel.

Production and installation of ship pipeline systems

How is the installation of ship pipeline systems works

Before the construction, experts of the Kherson Shipbuilding Company will analyze the project or help to design ship systems.

The production and installation of ship pipeline systems include these stages:

  • Creation of a new pipeline system project. We also work with the customer’s existing projects;
  • Before the repair, we dismantle old pipelines and system components;
  • Construction of a new pipeline: selection, cutting, bending, determination of suitable valves;
  • Installation of a new system on your vessel;
  • Installation of monitoring equipment, its configuration, and operation testing.

The final step consists of verifying the functioning of the pipeline system. We check the pipes under pressure, identify leaks and eliminate them, and check the monitoring systems. If everything works properly, the systems are handed over to the representative of the customer and the classification society.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company provides the best vessel pipeline systems

HSP manufactures and installs ship-piping systems for ships of any type. We use only the best and high-quality materials as well as work only with suppliers of certified products. The monitoring systems are being provided by world’s best manufacturers of this equipment type. We work directly with all suppliers, which makes our costs warrant. Kherson Shipbuilding Company provides high-quality for pleasant prices.