Maintenance of Aluminum Boats

Maintenance of boats is a highly demanded service. Watercrafts made of the metal are largely used in Ukraine. The variety of ships made of aluminum is broad starting from regular boats and motor boats up to pleasure boats and yachts. At the same time aluminum is a soft metal; disposed even to the slightest blows it shows dents. Kherson Shipbuilding Company provides maintenance of various aluminum boats. Though there are a lot of companies providing such services in Ukraine our experience in the scope of activity can hardly be overestimated.

Maintenance of Aluminum Boats

How is the Maintenance of Aluminum Boats performed at KSP

Kherson Shipbuilding Company carries out the maintenance of aluminum boats carefully and precisely.

Before the commencement of works the detection of hull defects is made, metal spots to be replaced are determined. The damaged parts are removed. Stiffening ribs and plating are restored.

The only way of welding proper for aluminum is argon welding. As the result high quality weld seam provides high reliability of a joint and longstanding effective life.

Brazing. It is a reliable solution for small defects not demanding patches. The spot of the dent is primarily cleaned and smoothed. The specialists get the damaged spot thoroughly warmed, heat brazing alloy up and apply the heated stuff to the spot.

If there are dents, it is possible to remedy the deformation with a mash hammer. Flaws are welded, if necessary.

Upon completion of all fitter and welding activities, testing is conducted, seams are checked up; priming and finishing coats are applied.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company – Reliable Maintenance of Aluminum Boats

Professionals of Kherson Shipbuilding Company have vast experience in troubleshooting of aluminum hulls. Production facilities are equipped so that defects of any complexity can be remedied. Having trusted our professionals, you `ll get an excellent result with granting a guarantee.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company provides maintenance of boats at reasonable prices. Moreover, our professionals offer to repair the other elements and mechanisms of a vessel. Having ordered maintenance services at KSC, you can be sure that your vessel will not fail you.