Maintenance of a Pipe-Line System on a Vessel

Timely servicing of vessel pipeline systems is a success factor of the entire vessel to function properly. In case any pipe-line is out of order the further watercraft operation is impossible till fault recovery. The main problems to bring about servicing are hydroerosive and corrosive damage. If such defects are detected while troubleshooting the pipes need to be replaced. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers prompt and high-quality repair at bargain prices.

Maintenance of a Pipe-Line System on a Vessel

Maintenance of Pipe-Line System on a Vessel from KSC

Kherson Shipbuilding Company performs maintenance of vessel pipe-line systems on vessels of any type both passenger boats and large fish seiners and trawlers, barges and bulk carriers. At first KSC professionals carry out troubleshooting and find the main problems connected with pipes: corrosion, unfastening, reduction of metal thickness etc. Based on obtained findings a ship repair design is developed and servicing is performed.

Specialists of KSC carry out all basic types of work pertinent to pipe-lines and vessel fittings, including:

  • dismantling of pipeline systems;
  • cleaning from impurities, old paint, rust, disinfection;
  • troubleshooting or entire replacement of pipes, fastenings and seals, elements of systems;
  • audit and maintenance of sea valves, valves of any kind etc, their replacement if necessary;
  • zinc plating;
  • installation of pipelines;
  • tests of the assembled system.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company is ready to perform extensive repair of pipelines as well. In this case all pipes are dismantled, and totally new system is assembled. Having performed tests, the specialists carry out painting work. Paint-and-lacquer coating or entire zinc coating provides additional protection of metal from corrosion and increases the life span of a pipeline.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company – Efficient Repair of Pipelines

Kherson Shipbuilding Company performs prompt repair of pipelines of any complexity. Professionals of KSC have vast experience in activities of this kind. We will quickly access the current status of a ship, dismantling and the other works. Having trusted us, you will significantly save your time.

KSC is not only quick but also efficient. We use pipes and fastenings of the leading international manufacturers. Having been repaired the pipeline systems are tested several times which can detect all demerits and to timely eliminate them.