Convertation of an Engine into a Vessel One

Conversion of engines is a frequent thing in shipbuilding. It is absolutely feasible to adapt automobile or tractor combustion engine into a vessel one according to a vessel requirements. It is made both on small boats with a stationary diesel and large vessels. The most important is for engine to be powerful enough to meet requirements of watercraft. There are several advantages of the solution including the replacement of a broken engine without considerable costs and use a car-and-tractor diesel standing idle. KSC ensures high quality conversion of engines into vessel ones at bargain prices.

Convertation of an Engine into a Vessel One

Conversion costs at kherson shipbuilding company

KSC offers conversion of car-and-motor diesels into vessel ones. The costs of services depend on the number of factors such as an engine type, vessel type, necessary additional parts etc. KSC purchases components directly from manufacturers, that`s why we offer reasonable prices for any service.

In total, conversion of a car-and-tractor diesel into a vessel one calls for installation of some additional parts. It is connected to characteristic peculiarities of engines used on a vessel. In particular, a water supply pump is installed to cool off the engine. A lime mud filter is required to install a car-and-motor diesel to prevent mud entry. The other elements to be installed are as follows:

  • Oil radiator;
  • Water radiator;
  • Cooled exhaust manifold.

Kherson shipbuilding company: vast experience in conversion

Professionals of Kherson Shipbuilding Company have tremendous experience in conversion of car-and –tractor diesels into vessel ones. Our experts are aware of all peculiarities and key differences in various types of internal combustion engines. That`s why we can install a car-and-tractor diesel on diverse vessels.

Having trusted our craft people, you can be sure in quality service. We obtain the best parts from reliable manufacturers. All types of conversion works are covered by guarantee. Professionals of KSC can solve any problem connected with your vessel.