Steel-hulled yachts

The construction of steel yachts is a popular service among both business and private clients. Yachts can be used as pleasure boats, for rent, or for personal use. There are many options for steel-hulled yachts production. You can choose a small boat for taking a sea or river, or a comfortable motor yacht with a spacious, richly decorated cabin. The production of steel yachts is one of the leading spheres of the Kherson Shipbuilding Company. We provide only prime quality products.

Steel-hulled yachts

Advantages of steel-hulled yachts

For yachts construction, we use a wide range of materials. There are aluminum, carbon fiber, and even wood. However, most often, customers choose the production of steel vessels. There are several reasons for this.

The benefits of vessels made of steel:

  • Durability. Ships made of steel are not afraid of hits and strikes. Yachts made with this metal are able to withstand bottom collisions without damage, except some dangerous cases like hitting a rock.
  • Endurance. Yachts made of steel have a long service life. For the construction of such ships, we use exclusive steel materials, which include corrosion inhibiting components. Special coatings prevent the appearance of rust as well. With proper care, the steel-hulled yacht will serve you for several decades.
  • Low cost in comparison with products from aluminum or precious tree breeds;
  • Easy to maintain. A steel-hulled yacht requires only regular dry-docking, the renewal of the paintwork, monitoring of the welds and eliminate the corrosion areas.

Yachts by KSC is a synonym for prime quality

Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers yachts production services of any type. We are ready to create a project or realize your dreams. We use only exclusively stainless steel for our products. Construction quality control is carried out at each stage; therefore, we guarantee only high-quality products. Entrusting to HSP, you get a reliable and functional yacht at a pleasant price.