Maintenance of Service Vessels

Professional maintenance of service vessels provides their long and safe operation ability. Watercrafts of such kind are used in the naval fleet, fishing industry, in servicing of wind turbines, drill sites etc. They have to go dozens of miles away from the coast, and any breakdown can be critical. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers quick and high quality repairs and maintenance of a service craft whatever complex the problem can be.

Maintenance of Service Vessels

Servicing of KSC for Service Vessels

The first stage involves fault detection of service vessels. Within troubleshooting professionals of KSC perform overall technical investigation of a watercraft. Specialists both identify present faults and inspect a vessel for potential defects in further operations.

Upon determining the volume of works our professionals develop all necessary documentation, obtain approval of a customer and start repairs. We provide following services:

  • replacement of corroded or damaged parts of a vessel hull;
  • malfunction repair of a vessel diesel, replacement of an engine;
  • maintenance of a propeller-rudder complex;
  • maintenance of vessel pipelines and electrical equipment;
  • maintenance of electronics, installing new communication and navigation facilities;
  • refurbishment of cabins, cargo compartments, cook house, captain`s bridge and the other vessel rooms;
  • malfunction repair of handling equipment;
  • painting work on a vessel hull, antifouling coating.

Upon completing the basic repairs the setup activities are conducted. Specialists test the operations of replaced and refurbished equipment, eliminate disorders. As soon as the tests of a watercraft are over, it is given back to its owner.

Why is it worth asking assistance from Kherson Shipbuilding Company?

KSC can repair service vessels both of a naval and civil fleet. We offer the number of advantages, including the following:

  • High quality of maintenance and repair works. They are performed by certified specialists with best parts possible;
  • Wide variety of services. Due to the required equipment and skills of our masters we can solve any problem;
  • Time Saving. All of the works are carried out in the shortest time span.

Besides, maintenance from KSC implies reasonable prices of services. Trust us, and your service vessel will be in use for a long time.