Sale of Motor Boats

Buying a motor boat means discovering new types of active vacation for oneself. After such a purchase water ceases being an obstacle for you. At the market there is a big variety of motor vessels which are good for diverse purposes: fishing, water skiing, or water trips. Kherson Shipbuilding Company deals with sale of motor boats with various characteristics designed for miscellaneous needs in Ukraine.

KSC – Sale of Motor Boats of Various Types

A motor boat is a small–sized vessel which is 5-7 m long. It differs from a regular boat mainly with its completing units whereas a boat is equipped with an outboard engine and has no cabins. As a rule, new motor boats have inboard power units. If a vessel is fitted with an outboard power unit but there is a cabin, it is considered a motor boat rather than a boat.
Before buying a boat or motor boat, you need to be aware of what you particularly need.

There are some diversifications of such vessel including

  • CC – a small-sized vessel equipped with cantilever steering and having passageways along its boards. They are usually used for fishing or hunting.
  • BR – a motor boat which is 5-7 m long designed for 5 people. Seats are placed similar to the ones in a car. A tent and stereo system can be installed as extra options. The vessels of the kind are usually sold to enthusiasts of active vacation.
  • HT – the vessel type which has berths/ sleeping accommodation. Some are fitted with an enclosed control cabin. It is a very convenient option for enthusiasts of sea trips and river outings in severe weather conditions.
  • WA – a motor boat similar to CC which also has passageways along the boards but it is fitted with an enclosed control cabin and sleeping accommodation. It is good for enthusiasts of fishing at any weather.

The answer to the question how much a boat is depends on the type of vessel you choose and its completing parts.

Best Boats From the Manufacturer

Kherson Shipbuilding Company – manufacturing of European quality boats. At our web-site in selling watercrafts section you can order ships of various types and look at photos before making your choice. Our consultants will help you to choose the best option for your purposes. Manufacturing of boats offered at our shop is performed in compliance with current safety standards. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers high quality, comfortable, and timeproof boats at beneficial prices.