Cutters construction

Kherson shipbuilding company specializes in the construction of boats of various types. Vessels of this type are in demand both among private individuals and for business. Boats are used in the summer for a wide variety of purposes. They are leased, used for route or tour passenger transportation. And of course, they are often ordered for themselves. The production of boats from the Kherson Shipbuilding Company is the best solution in terms of price and quality. We carry out the construction of ships for any project.

Cutters construction

The way cutters on the Kherson Shipbuilding Company are produced

Before making the boat to order, HSP professionals negotiate with the client. It’s important for us to understand what type of ship you need. When we take into account all the requirements and wishes of yours, the company’s engineers begin to develop the project. We also manufacture boats according to your drawings. Before starting work, the professionals of our company will analyze the provided technical documentation for defects. We will eliminate all the shortcomings and produce a balanced and thoughtful vessel.

At the Kherson Shipbuilding Company customers can order boats of the following types:

  • Small boats with outboard engine;
  • Small boats with a stationary engine, cockpit, designed for 5 passengers;
  • Cabin boats with a built-in room for passengers in the hull.
  • Large passenger ships designed for several dozen passengers, intended for route or excursion traffic;
  • Specialized boats for diving, etc.

Whichever ship you prefer, trusting the specialists of the Kherson Shipbuilding Company, you receive excellent quality.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company – saving time and money

HSP professionals specialize on the manufacture of boats and passenger ships. We offer the best vessels in Ukraine at competitive prices. The manufacture of boats is carried out at the company’s own production facilities. We also produce most of the parts at our facility. Due to the high localization of production, the cost of construction is significantly reduced. Having the necessary experience and equipment allows us to implement orders as quickly as possible, allowing you to save the maximum amount of time.