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Manufacturing and Installation of Vessel Masts

Installation of vessel masts is needed if a ship is constructed or reconditioned as well as in case of its damage or falling. Masts are an important part of any vessel used for setting sails (for sail watercraft), navigation and parking lights, fixing of derricks, installation of communication facilities and signaling equipment, raising hand flags etc. As a rule, a mast falling occurs either because of the expiration of validity term which results in insufficient bracing or because of strong wind, crash of it against bridge structures etc.

Installation of a Thruster

Thruster is installed both on large boats and yachts. It is necessary to improve the steering capabilities of a watercraft. It is especially essential in case of maneuvers in a limited space (e.g. mooring in a port or yacht basin). A thruster of a yacht can significantly make ship handling easier which is especially important if you are a new entry and possess little experience in seafaring.

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Installation of hydraulic systems

The installation of hydraulic systems is required on pleasure boats, yachts, fishing vessels, and tugboats. This is important because these very elements make the ship move. Hydraulics require high-quality maintenance, otherwise, it wears out quickly. The main causes of system failures are clogged filters, oil leaks, lack of control over the presence of fluid in the tank, etc.

Installation of a propelling engine

Installing a propelling engine may be required in several cases. First of all, during the construction, as well as repair of the vessel, when a diesel replacement is planned. This work is especially relevant for ships built back in Soviet times or in the 90s, because the resource of their power units is already running out. Also, the installation of a propelling engine is required after engine repair and bench tests. Troubleshooting a diesel engine often requires dismantling and complete disassembly.

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Installation of ship systems

Installation of ship systems is necessary for both passenger and cargo ships. This is especially needed for old boats, which are restored after a long period of inactivity. As a rule, all major systems on such ships become unusable, which requires their full replacement. Moreover, the installation or replacement of ship navigation systems that fail or simply become obsolete is often required.