Maintenance of Tug Boats

Maintenance of a tug boat can be required at any moment. In the majority of cases watercrafts are brought to the facilities because of scheduled maintenance or fatigue life. But extraordinary maintenance can sometimes occur. It can be caused by damage in the vessel hull, breakdowns of an engine and a propeller rudder unit etc. Kherson Shipbuilding Company performs repairs of tug boats at reasonable prices. Having trusted our professionals, you`ll get the ideal result.

Maintenance of Tug Boats

What Does an Overhaul of Motor Boats and Tug Boats from KSC Comprise

Kherson Shipbuilding Company majors in manufacturing and maintenance of tug boats. At the first stage malfunction detection is carried out after which requirement specification and design documents are compiled. The overhaul from KSC includes.

  • clean-up of the under-water body from fouling.
  • fault detection of the bilge, clearing of breaches, dents fairing.
  • maintenance of a diesel engine and fuel-oil system; replacement of an engine if necessary.
  • maintenance of a propeller rudder unit, replacement and repairs of shafts, reversing of reduction gearing and blades.
  • replacement of a hull and bilge parts.
  • check of fittings durability, replacement of fasteners.
  • maintenance of a tugboat coupling.
  • faults clearing of electrical facilities.
  • maintenance and upgrading of hull systems etc.

At the final stage of the overhaul, coating of a vessel is implemented as well as testing of all systems and their balancing is performed. Upon completing all necessary works our client receives the tug boat which is ready for operations.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company – Maintenance of any Complexity for Tug Boats

Kherson Shipbuilding Company provides maintenance of tug boats and motor boats whatever complexity is. The production facilities are equipped so that any defects can be eliminated and an overhaul can be performed. Professionals of KSC have vast experience to fulfill such works.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers maintenance of vessels at reasonable prices. We manufacture the majority of parts at our facilities and the other parts are ordered directly from their manufacturers without contactors. Therefore we offer the minimal margin price for our services.