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Ремонт алюминиевых лодок

Maintenance of Aluminum Boats

Maintenance of boats is a highly demanded service. Watercrafts made of the metal are largely used in Ukraine. The variety of ships made of aluminum is broad starting from regular boats and motor boats up to pleasure boats and yachts. At the same time aluminum is a soft metal; disposed even to the slightest blows it shows dents. Kherson Shipbuilding Company provides maintenance of various aluminum boats.

Maintenance of Barges

As a rule, maintenance of barges is required after disappointing maneuvers which result in damaging boards and a bilge. Moreover, a lot of vessels built in the Soviet Union time are still used in the present-day river and sea shipping industry. In the given case the maintenance is usually provided because of lifetime reasons. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers its services in maintenance and servicing of flat-bottom boats. We restore both self-propelled and non-self-propelled watercrafts.

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Ремонт буксиров

Maintenance of Tug Boats

Maintenance of a tug boat can be required at any moment. In the majority of cases watercrafts are brought to the facilities because of scheduled maintenance or fatigue life. But extraordinary maintenance can sometimes occur. It can be caused by damage in the vessel hull, breakdowns of an engine and a propeller rudder unit etc. Kherson Shipbuilding Company performs repairs of tug boats at reasonable prices. Having trusted our professionals, you`ll get the ideal result.

Maintenance of a Propeller Rudder Unit

Maintenance of a Propeller Rudder Unit is needed on a regular basis. It is caused by screw propellers and blades being damaged in collisions with bottom, ice or water obstacles. Also, parts are replaced because of their wear-outs or misuse of a vessel. Maintenance of a propeller rudder unit is in the list of compulsory works while an overhaul.

Ремонт винто-рулевого комплекса
Ремонт гребных винтов

Maintenance of an Inboard Engine Screw-Propeller

Maintenance of screw propellers is necessary after being damaged by ice, stones, grounding which leads to bending and breaking of blades; the loss of the screw propeller is quite possible. Damage probability of the part is extremely high. A propeller is the most important part of a vessel. Due to it a boat, yacht or any other watercraft is set into motion. That's why its condition should be monitored.

Maintenance of Motor Boats

Maintenance of motor boats is a highly demanded service. For the last years quantity of such watercrafts has increased dramatically in territorial waters of Ukraine. Furthermore, not only old Soviet vessels but also relatively new ones are at work. However, there are enough problems in ship running. Engines and screw-propellers break down; hull plating is being damaged, generators get out of order etc.

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Maintenance of Boats

Maintenance of boats is often required with overage vessels produced yet in the USSR. Any watercraft has its own effective lifespan and when the latter is over it needs an overhaul repair. Very often the boats to be reconstructed are the ones lying outdoors for a long time or decaying underwater. Also, maintenance and servicing are needed because of damage while the boat is in use. For example, the damage of the hull resulted in hitting it against a bolder or snag.

Maintenance of a Small Sized Vessel

Maintenance of small sized vessels is one of the specialization profiles at Kherson Shipbuilding Company. In fact, such services are often provided by our specialists. The age of watercrafts, unsatisfactory technical servicing, and production defects, poor training of the crew and navigators lead to various damages. We are addressed with problems resulting from engine trouble, corrosion, and hull breaches, faults, a propeller-rudder complex etc.

Ремонт маломерного судна
Ремонт пассажирского судна

Maintenance of Passenger Vessels

High quality maintenance of passenger vessels is the most important prerequisite of safety. The most accidents with watercrafts occur owing to their poor technical condition and absent required maintenance. Besides, the comfort of passengers is a key success factor of business prosperity. It is doubtful that a passenger would like to come back to the vessel with a broken, dirty, and ragged saloon. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers high quality service of passenger vessels of any type.

Maintenance of a Landing Craft Vessel

High quality servicing of a landing craft guarantees safety of its performance. The watercrafts of such type are used to bring the crew, pilots as well as to transport provision and parts to combat vessels and cargo ships in the road. Unfortunately, ship-owners are not always able to maintain landing crafts in the proper technical condition which might lead to failure at sea.

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Maintenance of a Fishing Boat

Servicing of the fishing boat type is usually required for old watercrafts which are 20-30 years old or older. It is clear that any watercraft needs high quality servicing and in years of intensive performance the overhaul repairs is inevitable. Newer fishing boats are serviced at facilities of Kherson Shipbuilding Company though. It is caused by manufacturing defects, poor seamanship; equipment breakdown resulted by short circuit or other failures.

Maintenance of Fishing Vessels

High quality and timely maintenance of fishing vessels is a key aspect of fishing business. Owing to downtime companies suffer serious financial losses. Thus, it is necessary to thoroughly watch the current condition of a watercraft. Besides, a well-handled, kept neat and tidy vessel is a caution prerequisite of the crew which has to make for the open sea. Kherson Shipbuilding Company provides technical servicing of fishing vessels at reasonable prices.

Ремонт рыболовного судна
Ремонт судна

Maintenance of a Vessel

Timely maintenance of a vessel can significantly prolong the time of its operations. Very often the clients of Kherson Shipbuilding Company order maintenance or renovations considering the respectable age of a vessel. In such a case, an overhaul repair is needed. However, there are other reasons for clients to seek help at KSC. In particular malfunctions occur owing to errors of the crew, low quality technical maintenance, manufacturing defects.

Maintenance of Service Vessels

Professional maintenance of service vessels provides their long and safe operation ability. Watercrafts of such kind are used in the naval fleet, fishing industry, in servicing of wind turbines, drill sites etc. They have to go dozens of miles away from the coast, and any breakdown can be critical. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers quick and high quality repairs and maintenance of a service craft whatever complex the problem can be.

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Maintenance of a Pipe-Line System on a Vessel

Timely servicing of vessel pipeline systems is a success factor of the entire vessel to function properly. In case any pipe-line is out of order the further watercraft operation is impossible till fault recovery. The main problems to bring about servicing are hydroerosive and corrosive damage. If such defects are detected while troubleshooting the pipes need to be replaced. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers prompt and high-quality repair at bargain prices.

Yacht Maintenance

A yacht can be renovated because of various reasons – not only because of a respectable age of a vessel, preventive maintenance and redecoration but also due to some other reasons. Any vessel needs high quality technical servicing otherwise it is dangerous to use it. The maintenance of yachts and boats is sometimes conditioned by storm and low qualification of vessel navigator. Specialists of Kherson Shipbuilding Company often face the damages of a ship hull and propeller-rudder system that occur due to strikes against the bottom or foreign objects. Whatever the problem is the professionals of KSC are always ready to tackle it in a fast, competent and cost-effective way.

Ремонт яхт
Изоляция судовых газоходов

Insulation of Vessel Flues

Insulation of vessel flues is the most important task to provide the safety of a crew on the vessel. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers insulation of vessel flues at favourable prices. Having trusted our professionals you will obtain a securely insulated flue, protect your engine-room from excess heat input and noise.

Convertation of an Engine into a Vessel One

Conversion of engines is a frequent thing in shipbuilding. It is absolutely feasible to adapt automobile or tractor combustion engine into a vessel one according to a vessel requirements. It is made both on small boats with a stationary diesel and large vessels. The most important is for engine to be powerful enough to meet requirements of watercraft. There are several advantages of the solution including the replacement of a broken engine without considerable costs and use a car-and-tractor diesel standing idle. KSC ensures high quality conversion of engines into vessel ones at bargain prices.

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