Refit of Vessels

Переоборудование барж

Re-equipment of tows

The re-equipment of tows is in demand both in the sea and in the river fleet. Watercraft of this type are often used to transport building materials and agricultural products along the largest rivers of Ukraine. However, most watercraft that are used for work are already obsolete. Many vessels do not meet safety requirements, and the costs of routine repairs make their operation unprofitable. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers customers the refit of tows in Ukraine at competitive prices.

Re-equipment of tugboats

The modernization of tugboats is mainly necessary for old Soviet-built ships. They constitute the lion's share of the port and river fleet for towing barges. Over the years, any watercraft is aging and requires significant updating and high-quality repairs. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers customers the services of refitting tugboats both for the purpose of updating and for re-equipment into other vessels.

Модернизация буксиров
Переоборудование маломерных судов

Re-equipment of small floating crafts

The re-equipment of small size vessels allows you to give a second life to boats that have not been used for a long time. In addition, such manipulations are needed by ships, which, on the contrary, have worked for a very long time. Obsolete equipment, corrosion of the hull and piping systems, outdated, “voracious” engines are the most common problems of any shipowner.

Re-equipment of passenger ships

Well-timed repair and re-equipment of ships is the key to a successful business in sea and river passenger transportation. It is unlikely that passengers will want to buy tickets for an old, rusty ship with torn seat trim and soot flying into the passenger compartment. The modernization of passenger ships will make the vessels comfortable and attractive to people. A person will definitely want to repeat the trip on a soft, comfortable ship, which does not stink of diesel and technical fluids.

Переоборудование пассажирских судов
Переоборудование судов

Re-equipment of the vessel

Ship modernization is an obligatory requirement for any shipowner. Sooner or later, any watercraft begins to cause losses. Time passes, technology does not stand still, and the prices of consumables and fuel are constantly growing. Keeping an old Soviet boat or tugboat that uses up a huge amount of fuel is simply unprofitable. Besides, with the lapse of time, ships become outdated and require improvement.

Re-equipment of a vessel into a passenger ship

Vessel reequipment into a passenger one is possible for most types of ships. As a rule, this can be applied to ships that were previously used for cargo transportation or fishing but were sold cheaply to other owners in connection with the business closing. In addition, ship owners often open another direction in their business, organizing passenger transportation. For these goals, the outdated or unsuitable for cargo transportation vessels are used. But before they become useful, they need modernization and an upgrade.

Переоборудование судна в пассажирское
Переделка яхт

Re-equipment of the yacht

Alteration of the yacht is required quite often. In most cases, ship-owners want to increase the comfort of their ship, make it more comfortable or suitable for long transitions, participation in races. In addition, old boats need constant investment. Motorized vessels consume too much fuel, but at the same time, they are not very fast. Often, age-related yachts fail and stand idle at the docks, and then completely become unusable.