Completion of the vessel

Ship completion is required especially often for those boats that were built at enterprises that do not have the capacities and specialists for complete construction, or for financial reasons, when the construction turned out to be too expensive. Therefore, many ships remained at the hull stage. Kherson Shipbuilding Company is ready to complete the vessel at attractive price. We will do all the necessary work, and with our services, you can start operation in the shortest time.

Completion of the vessel

HSP – The completion of the vessel of any type in Ukraine

Kherson Shipbuilding Company does everything in order to save your time as much as possible. We carry out the completion of ships of any type, including:

  • Small private motor boats and cutters;
  • Pleasure passenger boats;
  • Sailing, motor and sailing-motor yachts;
  • Port tugs;
  • Pilot boats;
  • Small fishing boats and feluccas;
  • Large fishing seiners, trawlers;
  • Self-propelled and non-self-propelled barges;
  • Aluminum catamarans;
  • Supply vessels;
  • Entertaining ships, floating restaurants, hotels, etc.

After the client’s request, we analyze the project and, if necessary, modify it. In parallel, an assessment of the front of work is being carried out. Our professionals determine the degree of readiness of the vessel and decide what needs to be completed. After the preliminary stage, we proceed to the main work. We carry out the installation of the necessary equipment and ship systems for the full functioning of the craft.

After the completion of the main work, we conduct a series of tests that allow us to determine the presence of minor defects in the work, configure the operation of the ship’s systems and devices. HSP pays maximum attention to all the aspects of construction, without any exception.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company – favorable prices for completion

The cost of ship-completion depends on a number of factors. First of all, on the type and degree of readiness of the craft. Of course, completion of a small boat is much cheaper than a passenger motor yacht with a length of 20 m. In addition, the wishes of the client play an important role. If you want to add or remove something from the project, the price will change accordingly.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers ship-completion at the best prices in Ukraine. We are a manufacturer of a number of parts – that gives you an opportunity of significantly saving.