Manufacturing and Installation of Vessel Masts

Installation of vessel masts is needed if a ship is constructed or reconditioned as well as in case of its damage or falling. Masts are an important part of any vessel used for setting sails (for sail watercraft), navigation and parking lights, fixing of derricks, installation of communication facilities and signaling equipment, raising hand flags etc. As a rule, a mast falling occurs either because of the expiration of validity term which results in insufficient bracing or because of strong wind, crash of it against bridge structures etc. Kherson Shipbuilding Company (KSC) provides a fast-paced and reliable manufacturing and installation of masts on a vessel.

Manufacturing and Installation of Vessel Masts

What does the price of manufacturing and installation depend on?

Kherson Shipbuilding Company manufactures masts and installs them on a vessel of any type. Costs of services depend on the following factors:

  • the type of a mast to be manufactured and installed;
  • material of a mast – steel, aluminum;
  • maintenance condition of a vessel in need of such works;
  • integrity of a vessel hull;
  • other supplementary works required.

KSC offers manufacturing and installation of vessel masts at the best available rates. Production facilities of the company are fitted with all necessary equipment for such kind of work. We produce masts at our own production units that`s why you obtain factory-direct products without extra charges and intermediaries.

How is manufacturing and installation of masts carried out?

As a rule, a single mast is used for small vessels. Practically it is a pipe of a large diameter with crossbeams made of steel. A mast can be produced as a collapsible one and permanently installed mast. It can be hinged for a clean passage, being serviced, cargo-handling operations. The mechanism of hinging can be either hand-driven or hydraulic if a mast dimensions are impressive.

As usual masts have nests for fixing lights, typhons, radio and navigation facilities.

The shoring of a mast is made on the upper deck of a vessel with standing ropes. Shrouds, special steel ropes, are outstretched from it to be attached to boards of a vessel and provide stability. The mast is fixed with stays at the front and with backstays behind.

Professionals of Kherson Shipbuilding Company have accumulated vast experience in manufacturing and installation of vessel masts. We are aware of all peculiarities of the work and ready to carry out the installation on vessels of any type. Having trusted us, you will receive high quality installation and a mast installed by our experts will serve for the good of your vessel throughout the years. Kherson Shipbuilding Company grants a guarantee on all types of renovation works.