Re-equipment of a vessel into a passenger ship

Vessel reequipment into a passenger one is possible for most types of ships. As a rule, this can be applied to ships that were previously used for cargo transportation or fishing but were sold cheaply to other owners in connection with the business closing.

In addition, ship owners often open another direction in their business, organizing passenger transportation. For these goals, the outdated or unsuitable for cargo transportation vessels are used. But before they become useful, they need modernization and an upgrade. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers the ship reequipment for pleasant prices.

Re-equipment of a vessel into a passenger ship

What does the modernization of the vessel include?

Converting a cargo or fishing vessel into a passenger’s ship is quite a complicated procedure. However, here you need to understand what exactly the client wants after the upgrade. Therefore, the organization of work and project development takes a lot of time. The Kherson Shipbuilding Company website offers you to learn about the reequipped projects we’ve already made. We are also ready to make alterations according to your desires.

As part of the modernization of the cargo ship into the passenger one, our specialists perform the following work:

  • Disassembling of the old ship erections;
  • Repair and reinforcement of the deck so that it can support heavyweight;
  • New erections installation;
  • Arrangement of captain’s cabin and crew sections;
  • The arrangement of the passenger compartment: installation of seats, heating and air conditioning;
  • Installation and testing of safety systems onboard the ship according to all requirements for passenger ships.

In addition, our professionals perform other regulations works to restore or repair ships. In particular troubleshooting a diesel engine, hull, propeller complex, ship pipelines, and etc

Why should you trust HSC?

Specialists of the Kherson Shipbuilding Company are ready to carry out the reequipment of any type of cargo ships. Trusting us, you will get a lot of advantages, including:

  • Excellent quality. A huge experience, the availability of the necessary equipment and details of our own production allow us to perform the work in the best way;
  • Speed. Specialists of HSC will re-equip and overhaul ships as soon as possible;
  • Prices. Our own details and the absence of intermediaries allow us to reduce the margin as much as possible.

Modernization from the Kherson Shipbuilding Company means the maximum comfort for passengers and savings for the shipowner.