Aluminum Yachts

Anyone who has happened to operate an aluminum yacht can confirm how comfortable and practical this kind of transport is. Manufacturing of yachts made from the alloy of aluminum, magnesium, and silicon started in the middle of 20th century. Today they have become more popular driving out vessels from fiber-glass plastic, steel and other materials. Ships from durable and light aluminum are becoming a symbol of a luxurious life, well-being and prosperity. They are ideal for a leisurely sea trip, active fishing and hunting activities.

Sale - Aluminum Yachts

If you are truly interested in hunting and fishing, if you like open-air vacations and water surface harnessing, consider buying an aluminum sailing boat. It will help to have a lovely time, increase your catch-of-the-day, and enjoy your vacation far from the city hustle and bustle. Motor yachts from aluminum are ultimate option for

  • water trips by lake, river or sea,
  • traveling,
  • hunting,
  • fishing various fish species.

What Should You Know About Vessels from Aluminum

Aluminum sailing yachts are beneficially distinguished from watercrafts made from the modern PVC, wood, steel, ferro-cement and other materials. Aluminum is good because it is light; and all the vessels made from it can be furnished with powerful engines. There are advantages of aluminum boats:

  • corrosion stability. Even after overwintering on the open spots a vessel remains in its marketable style and retains initial technical characteristics. By this criterion boats from aluminum outrank similar models from fiberglass;
  • relatively light weight. It facilitates transportation since you don`t want to rent or buy a heavy duty trailer;
  • resistibility to humidity, temperature change and significant mechanical stress;
  • material is good for welding. Items can be of various configurations and sizes without limiting the surface of the hull bend;
  • increased ductility and durability;
  • ease of coating.

Why Is It Worth Ordering An Aluminum Yacht Over Here?

It is possible to appreciate all advantages of an aluminum vessel only if high quality materials are used for its manufacturing. We perform rigorous selection of raw stock incoming our production. We are ready to implement any feasible idea. If you would like to buy an aluminum yacht built by custom design, we offer our services. We have been working at the shipbuilding market since 2007. Today our stuff is experienced and talented professionals. You can give your own project or develop it together with our engineers. We also provide services in maintenance and overhaul of any complexity as well as in refit and fitting-out. Ready aluminum yachts made by our masters are presented on the web-site.

Today Kherson Shipbuilding Company is a manufacturer with vast experience. We use exceptionally high quality materials and advanced technologies. We work on a case-by-case way which lets us produce yachts considering all requests and wishes of a client.