Re-equipment of small floating crafts

The re-equipment of small size vessels allows you to give a second life to boats that have not been used for a long time. In addition, such manipulations are needed by ships, which, on the contrary, have worked for a very long time. Obsolete equipment, corrosion of the hull and piping systems, outdated, “voracious” engines are the most common problems of any shipowner. And also, with the help of re-equipment, you can get a new fishing boat from a pleasure vessel, a pleasure boat from a tugboat, a cruising yacht from a fishing felucca for a reasonable price. The modernization of small vessels from the Kherson Shipbuilding Company is your perfect tool for getting a new life for an old vessel.

Re-equipment of small floating crafts

Re-equipment of small vessels by HSP: high quality and competitive prices

The re-equipment of small-sized vessels by Kherson Shipbuilding Company means high quality. Our professionals have vast experience working with different types of ships and yachts, regardless of age and other indicators. The presence of the necessary equipment, as well as accessories from trusted manufacturers, allow us to guarantee quality. We guarantee that you will receive a modern vessel that meets all the requirements of performance and safety.

In addition, the Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers favorable prices. For modernization, we use materials and equipment which are produced at the production facilities of the HSP. Our company also receives pieces from leading manufacturers without intermediaries. Due to this, we maximize the margin. In addition, for regular customers, special offers are provided.

What works are carried out as part of the ship modernization?

Modernization of small vessels is a complex work requiring the solution of a large number of tasks. The most important role is played by detection. It is necessary to identify all the main problems and plan further repairs considering them. HSP professionals will examine the current condition of the vessel, find faults and prepare a repair project taking into account all the damage.

To complete the re-equipment of your ship, we perform the following work:

  • Restoring the ship’s hull (renewing corrosion sites, eliminating cracks and holes);
  • Modernization of marine diesel engine or its replacement with a newer model;
  • Repair and replacement of the propeller-rudder system of the vessel;
  • Installation of modern communication and navigation systems;
  • Production and installation of pipeline systems;
  • Repair and decoration of residential premises and cabin, furniture manufacturing, etc.

In addition, it is possible to re-equip a small vessel into another type of craft. For example, into a fisherman or a small barge.