Maintenance of a Fishing Boat

Servicing of the fishing boat type is usually required for old watercrafts which are 20-30 years old or older. It is clear that any watercraft needs high quality servicing and in years of intensive performance the overhaul repairs is inevitable. Newer fishing boats are serviced at facilities of Kherson Shipbuilding Company though. It is caused by manufacturing defects, poor seamanship; equipment breakdown resulted by short circuit or other failures.

Maintenance of a Fishing Boat

KSC – quick and reliable repairs of a fishing boat

Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers maintenance and technical servicing of fishing boats. We service any vessels starting from small boats and felucas to large fishing trawlers and seiners. Fault detection is performed before repair activities start. Professionals of KSC assess the condition of all systems and develop a repair specification. Maintenance starts as soon as workload scopes and their costs are agreed upon. Kherson Shipbuilding Company performs following types of work:

  • Hull damage repairs, replacement of corroded parts, flattening of dents;
  • Technical servicing of vessel diesel engines;
  • Repairs of a propeller-rudder complex, replacement of damaged or worn-out parts;
  • Replacement of navigation and communication facilities;
  • Maintenance of pipelines on a vessel;
  • Reconstruction of technical premises of a vessel (fish holds, cook-house) as well as the one of accommodation spaces;
  • Maintenance of rigging.

The final part of the repairs on KSC before launching is hull painting. We apply paints and varnishes on a previously cleaned and prepared hull surface according to the instructions of manufacturers. They are primers of antifouling coating for an underwater hull of a vessel and top coating of an above-water hull part. Then the tests are carried out during which diesel and equipment tune-up is performed, malfunctions are corrected. As soon as the testing is over, a vessel is given back to the client.

Servicing of a fishing boat at reasonable prices

Kherson Shipbuilding Company implies maintenance of a fishing boat at reasonable prices within your budget. Besides the repairs we also deal with manufacturing of vessel parts. In case some parts are required and we can`t produce them by own means we order them directly from manufacturers. Leading world companies producing vessels and parts for their servicing are the partners of KSC. That`s why we offer our clients the minimal costs for the service.