Постройка алюминиевого катамарана

Aluminum catamaran construction

The construction of aluminum catamarans is an excellent solution for both sea and river shipping. Vessels of this kind are distinguished by minimal weight and excellent speed. In addition, such boats are great for the sea because of their good stability and controllability. Kherson shipbuilding company offers the construction of aluminum catamarans of any type and any size. We guarantee high quality.

Aluminum yacht construction

The production of aluminum yachts is a task that is often posed to specialists of the Kherson Shipbuilding Company. Moreover, the vessels acquire the most diverse. Someone prefers sailing boats, to capture air currents and to accelerate the ship to high speed for such customers is the realization of their desires. And someone prefers to enjoy the sound of a diesel engine, which steadily leads the yacht forward. Vessels are ordered both for themselves and for business, renting out boats or organizing excursions.

Постройка алюминиевой яхты
Постройка катера

Cutters construction

Kherson shipbuilding company specializes in the construction of boats of various types. Vessels of this type are in demand both among private individuals and for business. Boats are used in the summer for a wide variety of purposes. They are leased, used for route or tour passenger transportation. And of course, they are often ordered for themselves.

Boat construction

The production of boats to order is one of the most frequent work performed by specialists of the Kherson Shipbuilding Company. Such ships, in most cases, customers buy for themselves. Usually they are used for walking along the large rivers and lakes of our country, as well as for amateur fishing. In some cases, HSP builds boats for business. New vessels are much more willing to lease than the old ones, and in the early years of the craft they practically do not require maintenance and serious investments.

Постройка лодки
Постройка лоцманского катера

Pilot boat construction

The construction of a pilot boat is a popular service for a business that specializes in sea freight. This type of craft is often used to transport officials from ship to shore and vice versa. In addition, the construction of a pilot boat may also be necessary for ports that need to launch passenger or cargo ships to berths, or take them to an external raid.

Pleasure boat building

Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers for the customers the production of pleasure boats of any type. Vessels of this kind are often purchased for resorts or for large cities that are built on the banks of large rivers. A pleasure boat allows you to conduct walks in ponds, arrange excursions, and in some cases, such vessels are also used to transport divers.

Постройка прогулочного катера
Постройка прогулочного судна

Pleasure Vessels construction

Customers from coastal regions most often turn to us for the construction of a pleasure craft. With the help of such boats, excursions are organized and passenger transportation by sea is established between the central part of cities and remote areas where recreation centers are located. In addition, vessels of this type are in demand among companies that organize diving for customers. And also recently, the demand for pleasure boats for river transport has been growing.

Steel-hulled yachts

The construction of steel yachts is a popular service among both business and private clients. Yachts can be used as pleasure boats, for rent, or for personal use. There are many options for steel-hulled yachts production. You can choose a small boat for taking a sea or river, or a comfortable motor yacht with a spacious, richly decorated cabin.

Постройка яхты из стали
Постройка яхт

Yacht production

Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers customers the construction of yachts for any purpose. Our experts order a large variety of vessels. The range of our production includes lightweight yachts for personal purposes, large vessels with maximum comfort, and yachts for business, transportation, or tours for passengers or rent boats in Odessa or other coastal cities of Ukraine.

Tugboat production

The production of tugboats has greatly simplified the modern shipping industry. Vessels of this type made it easier to enter the port of huge and slow-moving bulk carriers and oil tankers, for which independent lashing is a very problematic thing. The production of tugs makes it easier to transport various materials and products along major rivers of Ukraine. A tug with a dumb scow will deliver cargo to any port.

Постройка буксиров
Постройка пассажирского судна

Passenger ship production

The production of passenger ships is one of the most popular services at the HSP. These vessels are usually used for a large variety of purposes. Kherson Shipbuilding Company specialists are able to perform an order of any complexity, from a small pleasure boat to large passenger motor yachts and mini liners.

The Fishing Fleet Production

Kherson Shipbuilding Company provides the production of a fishing fleet for catching any amounts of fish. Our specialists accomplish the construction of any ship types, intended for a wide variety of purposes. In particular, you can order both small fishing boats or feluccas, as well as large trawlers and seiners. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers high-quality production at a reasonable price.

Постройка рыбный флот
Постройка рыболовного судна

The Fishing Boat Production

Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers you the production of high-quality fishing vessels. The fishing vessels production is one of the most popular services in the shipbuilding industry. Industrial fishing is a profitable business that allows you to access various marine resources. So, if you have a fishing boat, you can go fishing any representatives of the marine fauna, for example, raps.

Barges production

Construction of barges, as a rule, is ordered by agricultural and building enterprises of Ukraine. With the help of such vessels, bulk building materials (sand, gravel) or grain (wheat, oats, barley) are delivered to unloading terminals, which are located on the banks of large rivers of the country. In addition, the manufacture of barges is also ordered for shipping within Ukraine.

Постройка барж
Постройка алюминиевых лодок

Aluminum boats production

The production of aluminum boats is one of the most frequent work performed by specialists of the Kherson Shipbuilding Company. Most often, such boats are ordered to be rented for walking or fishing on the lakes or rivers of Ukraine. In addition, ships of this type are often bought for personal use. Such boats can be either rowing or motor boats.

Small vessels production

The production of small vessels is in demand both in the sea and in the river fleet. This category includes self-propelled vessels with a main engine of less than 55 kW and non-self-propelled and sailing vessels with a gross tonnage of less than 80 register tons, as well as motor vessels regardless of engine power or a gross tonnage of no more than 10 register tons and non-self-propelled vessels (rowing boats with a carrying capacity of 100 and more kilograms, kayaks with a carrying capacity of 150 or more kilograms and inflatable vessels with a carrying capacity of 225 and more kilograms).

Постройка маломерного судна
Постройка современного судна

Modern vessels manufacturing

Modern vessel manufacturing is in demand among companies whose passenger, work, pleasure or fishing fleet is outdated and needs to be replaced. It is no secret that most private companies’ fleet is made up of watercraft that were built in the Soviet Union. However, it’s been more than 25 years since that time, and to keep a vessel or a seiner in a proper condition only with repairs is probably impossible.