Sale of Vessel Engines

Buying a vessel engine is required when the old one is out of order for whatever reason and when refit or replacement of the power unit is planned. Propulsion equipment is a key element of a vessel. It is the place where torque moment is created and is conveyed to the screw propeller with the shaft. However the resource of an engine is also limited and after certain life cycle one has to be replaced. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers vessel engines at beneficial prices.

Sale of Vessel Engines

The Catalogue of Vessel Engines Can Help to Find a Necessary Option

Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers a wide range of engines designed to meet various needs. As a rule diesel engines are used on watercrafts. You can buy both a brand new engine and preowned one which was previously overhauled. Also, there is an opportunity to converse a coastal (automobile or tractor) engine into a vessel one.
Sale of diesel engines is not sheer selling of an item from the catalogue of a manufacturer. It implies calculation and matching of the required engine capacity to your vessel as well as the opportunity to cut down your expenses in fuel consumption and servicing, if it refers to replacement of an obsolete engine into a more modern least-cost option.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company: High Quality Engines

Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers both new and preowned engines from leading world companies. Models of vessel engines that you can buy at KSC comply with all safety requirements. We sell only reliable products the quality of which is confirmed with the corresponding certificates.
Kherson Shipbuilding Company provides engines with various characteristics for different types of ships. Having addressed our company, you can find the ultimate solution for any watercraft improving its technical characteristics. Warranty covers all goods bought at KSC. Our specialists will help to solve any problem.