Aluminum Catamarans

Our experience in designing yachts and boats shows that aluminum catamarans are chosen by ship-owners appreciating their own safety and comfort. Aluminum vessels are competently bought for long service life. They differ in practical design, high durability and reliability, convenient forms. Aluminum catamarans are becoming more and more sought-after in Ukraine, particularly in Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson and other cities placed on the banks of the Dnipro. They can be successfully used in any climatic conditions.

If you are interested in sale of aluminum catamarans, we can offer our services. For the years of fruitful work we have upgraded our production base which makes it possible to develop and implement unconventional projects. We are ready to provide integrated assistance starting from development of a project and ending with delivery of separate parts.

Aluminum Catamarans

Main Advantages of Aluminum Catamarans

Sale of aluminum catamarans is an activity of Kherson Shipbuilding Company profile. Samples of our work are shown in the photo gallery. These are boats for diving, sea trips, tourism and vacation. Sailing yachts can be produced with or without a motor. The displayed vessels are impetuously becoming popular since they have the number of indisputable advantages:

  • high nautical characteristics;
  • light total weight of a vessel. This feature provides easy transportation of catamarans at any distance;
  • resistance to corrosion which results in long service life;
  • reliability and durability;
  • high speed rate;
  • possible installation of additional motor for providing required speed;
  • possible furnishing with the required number of seats.

Our Advantages

If you would like to buy an aluminum catamaran, we are ready to offer the utmost favourable conditions of collaboration. The complete scope of works is performed by leading specialists of our enterprise. They always improve their skills that allow fulfilling works of any scope and complexity in the tightest deadlines.

If you would like a motor catamaran of certain dimensions, firsthand we will develop a project. The emphasis will be placed on your requirements, wishes, purpose of a vessel purchase, and actual operating conditions. Our experience and professional connections enable us to tackle projects of any scale. Having chosen our company, you will be able to estimate the benefits of our offer:

  • a customized approach to every client. Modern management allows our clients to save time and expect high quality result;
  • direct collaboration with the largest suppliers of certified materials;
  • clear and fair statement of estimates;
  • affordable prices;
  • high level service.