Manufacturing of ship ladders

The production of ship ladders is required for both passenger and cargo ships. Ship ladders provide fast and safe passengers boarding and drop-off. This construction of this product is different for every type of ships, so it is better to order an exclusive building. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers the best solutions for your floating facilities.

Manufacturing of ship ladders

Production of ship ladders from aluminum

The main material for the production of ladders at the Kherson shipyard is aluminum. This metal has several advantages over analogs, including:

  • It’s lightweight. The aluminum construction is easy to hoist in and down;
  • Lack of tendency to corrosion, which is especially important for sea navigation. Saltwater is the main enemy of metal, but our ladders aren’t afraid of it;
  • Durability. Aluminum products are able to withstand even high loads. This is especially important for cargo loading and discharging.

You will get all these advantages if you order an aluminum ladder at the HSP. We guarantee the prompt execution of any order.

Features of ship ladders from the Kherson Shipbuilding Company:

HSP professionals begin construction with the graphical representation. We consider all the wishes of the customer and start construction only after agreement with the Classification Society and the final consent of the client.

The foundation of Kherson Shipbuilding Company ship ladders is an aluminum channel. This product gives provides the ladder with the required durability and rigidness. In addition, the carcass is reinforced with additional suffering ribs to give the ladder additional protection against bending or breaking.

For the ladder flooring manufacturing, we use a special, high-impact fluted aluminum sheet. The length of the ladder varies from 2 to 18 meters, depending on the needs of the customer.

Each ladder is tested for durability and compliance with the requirements of OST 5.2330 80; OST 5.2077 83 or ISO 7061, and is also presented to the inspector of the Classification Society. We make aluminum gangways under the terms and conditions of the Shipping Register of Ukraine certificate, as well as Bureau Veritas. Our service also includes accommodation ladders manufacturing and installation. We equip these ladders are with winches and boat cranes for convenient lifting and imposing. We are also ready to develop the design of any bridge deck or ladder according to your requests.