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Package service in shipbuilding, maintenance of vessels, vessel equipment; a high-level modern solution of all manufacturing problems.

Small Sized Vessel
We can make your dream come true from the idea to performance trials
Vessel Maintenance
It is not a problem for us to treat injuries and clean up war seams of your vessel
Building of Aluminum Motor Boats and Boats
We know our way around aluminum which is a noble but unpredictable metal
Aluminum Gangways
Entrust us with providing a light and safe access to your vessel

We have enough knowledge to implement complicated and non-standard projects

About Us

LLC Kherson Shipbuilding Enterprise was founded in 2007. We built more than 20 complete vessels for the time being. Our small enterprise has well-established customs and a close-knit team of professionals. Our staff accounted for 30 people.

Our crown jewel is the tugboat Boolbash – the first well and truly beautiful tug boat built by our company. We built it precisely on time, having cut down half of the market value of a boat to our client. Without overstating, we are proud of it. The main activity of the company is building of small-sized vessels. We built 3-5 small sized vessels a year and at the same time providing maintenance, refit of other 5 small vessels. To say nothing of 10-30 contracted works to manufacture vessel piping, deck equipment, aluminum gangways and the other extremely interesting things!
Our clients live in Ukraine, Armeniia, Latviia and other countries. We are entrusted with building vessels not only by private firms but also large and medium-sized state companies. Among them there is Nibulon, State Plant Pallada, Eco Osta (Latviia) and many others.

Shipbuilding and maintenance services can be required by any ship owner without exception. We can refit old Soviet motor boats into modern fishing feluccas. We can provide such works for any vessel according to the Register of Shipping specifications. We restore seemingly hopeless hulls and grant them a second chance for living. There are practically no unmanageable issues for us.

We sell goods of our own production – gangways, rope reels, and elements of ground gear, masts, ventilation cowls, hatches, and many others. Also, we select and sell vessel engines and reducing gears upon your request. They might be brand new or preowned ones.

In the corresponding section of our sight you can order building of the following watercrafts:

  • row and motor boats, small vessels;
  • pleasure motor boats and yachts;
  • auxiliary fleet;
  • fishing fleet;
  • workboats;
  • pleasure vessels etc.

KSC also offers services of maintenance. We perform repairs for watercrafts of any type. We provide both maintenance and overhaul.

Main principle of our plant is security and professionalism. We strive for the balance between high quality and reasonable costs. Our creed is the following: thou shalt build vessels for thy client as for thyself! (Build vessels to others as you would like to be built)

Our Team

Avdieev Mykola

Production Director and mastermind. Has his best interest at heart about a project from the moment of its conceiving up to the trials. A babysitter for your brainchild from its birth to the graduation party!

Avdieeva Yana

Executive Director. Education – Engineer of Marine Refrigerating Installations. All possible communication with clients and suppliers so as to get the best and most reliable for you!

Нennadii Bernatskyi

Shipbuilder. It is impossible to build a single ship without this person. The most complicated, responsible manufacturing and technical issues are his headache not yours.

Customer Feedback

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Oleksandr Beliavtsev
I ordered a fishing felucca at the plant. The project was complicated and we wanted all the best and at once. Not everything was smooth and quick. It is my first vessel. The main thing is the result happened to be the one I had expected: speed, course-keeping quality, navigability – aced it.
Oleksandr Kepin
By my order old Soviet vessels were converted into the fishing ones. It is the enterprise where all works will be fulfilled starting from the hull ones up to furniture installation and coating. Of course, there were some comments and corrections. These people are responsible for their work. It is pleasant that you are not avoided when the payment is made. The warranty works!
Valerii Lysytsa
If you need a small – sized vessel, this way, please. As a client, I know the plant like the back of my hand. There was no unsolved task. The vessels were built at any budget and by any requests. The outcome of mutual activity is a fishing vessel, a pleasure boat, three catamaran workboats, a tug boat.
Director of Kherson State Plant Pallada V.F. Maloman
Between Kherson State Plant Pallada and LLC KSE the contracts were signed to perform contracted works on the tugboat Kinel and part of contracted works in building of a dock. The company Kherson Shipbuilding Enterprise proved itself as a reliable contractor. The high quality works are carried out on time.


Our Telephones

Accounting Department: (0552)49-11-20

Avdeiieva Yana Leonidivna: (050)756-24-37 Viber/WhatsApp

Avdieev Mykola Henadiievych: (050)642-99-88 Viber/WhatsApp

Deputy Director: (050)715-49-73
Henadii Bernatskyi


Our Addresses

Visiting Address
Karantynyi Ostriv, 1
Kherson, 73000

Registered Address
Smolnaia Str, bld. 132-a, ap.63
Kherson, 73011

Correspondence Address
Torhova Str, 32, office 1
Kherson, 73000