The Fishing Boat Production

Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers you the production of high-quality fishing vessels. The fishing vessels production is one of the most popular services in the shipbuilding industry. Industrial fishing is a profitable business that allows you to access various marine resources. So, if you have a fishing boat, you can go fishing any representatives of the marine fauna, for example, raps.

The Fishing Boat Production

KSP offers a huge choice of fishing boats for any business

Kherson Shipbuilding Company proffers vessel production for private or industrial fishing. Our company provides the best solutions for any business.

If you have just started your own fishing business, ordering a small fishing boat would be a reasonable decision. These watercraft consume little fuel, and also provide a relatively small amount of fish, which may be quite enough if you do not have a client base. You can order any type of small fishing vessels:

  • Feluccas;
  • Boats.

With a fleet of small fishing vessels, you can catch impressive amounts of fish at various locations. Thus, if one vessel does not get anything, another one can compensate for the loss easily.

Large fishing companies can use feluccas and boats as an auxiliary section of the fleet. For trading giants, Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers the following vessel types:

  • Drifters;
  • Trawlers;
  • Seiners.

Such vessels can catch large amounts of fish in one reis. The main difference between these vessels lies in the method of fishing and the types of nets used. Drifters, seiners, and trawlers form the basis of the fishing fleets all over the world, so quality boats will ensure the prosperity of your business.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers reliable and functional vessels.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company is a synonym for high-quality fishing vessels. Entrusting the construction to our professionals, you will receive reliable and durable vessels that can take the seas for decades. We use only modern technologies and systems for fishing, which will greatly facilitate the work of your crew.
HSP provides reasonable prices for any fishing vessels. We work both with our own and client projects. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers a high-quality replenishment for your fishing fleet, saving time and money.