Sale of Vessel Gangways

Vessel gangways are designed for comfortable boarding and disembarking of passengers and crew. Moreover, they also can be used to get access to service spaces of the vessel itself. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers gangplanks and gang ladders of its own production. We guarantee high quality of the products.

Sale of Vessel Gangways

What Are the Proper Vessel Gangways?

There are three main regulatory documents specifying requirements to gangways. They are

  • AUS 5.2330 80,
  • AUS 5.2077 83,
  • ISO 7061.

First of all gangways should be quite steadfast so that to endure the required weight. The length can vary from 3m to 15m. They are manufactured of aluminum alloys which are resistant to both fresh and salt water. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers gangways from marine aluminum. They are notable for high durability, longevity and corrosion resistance.

Products of KSC comply with safety requirements. Gangways have a ribbed surface of steps and decking and that`s why they can be used an any weather conditions including low temperatures.

Why Is It Good to Order Gangways at KSC

Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers gangplanks, side ladders as well as gang ladders with evolvent steps. We manufacture goods and monitor their quality at every stage. We extend warranty for all types of gangways made at our facilities.

KSC manufactures gangways by its own design and by the individual orders. Our specialists develop a project for any vessel. Also, we can work according to the ready drafts provided by the customers. KSC professionals analyze the extended technical papers and offer their corrections, if any, manufacture the gangway corresponding to the uttermost of your demands. Gang ladders are tested according to the developed program of trials and exhibited to an Inspector from the Register of Shipping in Ukraine or to any other Maritime Registrar representative at the customer`s request.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company – sale of vessel gangways at reasonable prices. Having trusted our professionals, you can significantly cut down your expenses. Moreover, we can guarantee operational efficiency in implementation of orders of any complexity. Gangways are delivered to any region of Ukraine. The payment is performed in any convenient way. Our specialists can consult you in any pertinent question and help to choose a proper project for your vessel.