Sale of a Pleasure Vessels

A pleasure boat is an excellent option to start your own business in entertainment and tourism. If you buy a water bus, you can arrange tourist trips and tours. Besides, it is also an option to buy a special pleasure boat equipped for specific occasions such as a sea party. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers to buy pleasure vessels from the manufacturer at beneficial prices.

Sale of a Small Sized Vessel

You can buy a small-sized vessel for various purposes. According to laws and regulations this category includes motor and sailing watercrafts the length of which is within 20 m and the engine capacity is up to 75 HP (weight is not limited). Small sized vessels are used for trips, privately-held and commercial fishery as well as for official purposes in Ukraine. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers watercrafts of its own production at beneficial prices.

Sale of Boats

Selling boats is rather demanded by enthusiasts of active vacations. Fortunately, our country is abundant in various rivers and it has access to the sea. That`s why there are a lot of opportunities for water trips enthusiasts and fishermen to indulge in favourite activities.

Sale of Motor Boats

Buying a motor boat means discovering new types of active vacation for oneself. After such a purchase water ceases being an obstacle for you. At the market there is a big variety of motor vessels which are good for diverse purposes: fishing, water skiing, or water trips.

Sale of Rope Reels

The opportunity to buy rope reels is worth considering by all vessel owners. As a rule, mooring and towline ropes of a small-sized vessel are kept in a special space under bottom boards on the fore-deck. This way of storage is not always acceptable especially if it refers to big vessels. A much better option in such a case is a rope reel. It is a special structure in the form of a steel or aluminum drum designed mainly for storing cable, mooring, and towing ropes. Such equipment refers to the deck one and it is installed on the deck of a vessel.

Sale of Screw Propellers

A screw propeller is the most important unit of the vessel. It provides the motion of a boat or yacht; it is exactly where the torque effect is conveyed from an engine. However, the given element should be replaced some day or other. The most widespread cause is a blow on the bilge which results in bent and broken blades. In such a case it is necessary to buy a vessel screw propeller and set it up instead of the damaged one.

Sale of a Fishing Motor Boat

If you would like to start fishing business, the first thing you need to do is to buy a fishing motor boat. The vessel of the type is the best solution for commercial fishery and leisure activity. They are small-sized and fuel effective and at the same time they have perfect nautical characteristics. Moreover, their price tags show low figures which is extremely important not only for starting your own business but also for expanding your fishing fleet. Kherson Shipbuilding Company sells fishing motor boats of its own manufacturing at reasonable prices.

Sale of Vessel Engines

Buying a vessel engine is required when the old one is out of order for whatever reason and when refit or replacement of the power unit is planned. Propulsion equipment is a key element of a vessel. It is the place where torque moment is created and is conveyed to the screw propeller with the shaft. However the resource of an engine is also limited and after certain life cycle one has to be replaced.

Sale of A Vessel Diesel Engine

«Looking to purchase a vessel diesel engine» is a frequently met ad. The majority of vessels used in our country are of respectable age. Many of them were manufactured in the USSR times. And the engines call for corresponding servicing which is not always available. That`s why the replacement of the power unit can be required at any moment. Kherson Shipbuilding Company – your opportunity to buy vessel diesel engines from the dealer of the well-known European manufacturer.

Sale of A Marine Gearbox

A marine gearbox is the most important part of transmission in a stationary diesel engine. With its help the torsion moment is conveyed from the engine to the propulsor and screw shaft speed is decreased. Moreover, the change of the course (reverse) is performed with the equipment of the type. That's why if the marine reverse gear is out of order, the watercraft can`t be used.
Продажа прогулочных катеров

Sale of Pleasure Boats

Pleasure Boats are preferably bought by people who live in coastal areas of our country. And it is a really very lucrative business – arranging trips and tours for tourists who come to resort places in crowds. However, if you are up to the business, it is better not to buy preowned vessels.

Sale of Vessel Gangways

Vessel gangways are designed for comfortable boarding and disembarking of passengers and crew. Moreover, they also can be used to get access to service spaces of the vessel itself. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers gangplanks and gang ladders of its own production. We guarantee high quality of the products.
Продажа судовых трапов
Продажа алюминиевой яхты

Aluminum Yachts

Anyone who has happened to operate an aluminum yacht can confirm how comfortable and practical this kind of transport is. Manufacturing of yachts made from the alloy of aluminum, magnesium, and silicon started in the middle of 20th century. Today they have become more popular driving out vessels from fiber-glass plastic, steel and other materials.

Aluminum Catamarans

Our experience in designing yachts and boats shows that aluminum catamarans are chosen by ship-owners appreciating their own safety and comfort. Aluminum vessels are competently bought for long service life. They differ in practical design, high durability and reliability, convenient forms.
Продажа алюминиевых катамаранов