Maintenance of Boats

Maintenance of boats is often required with overage vessels produced yet in the USSR. Any watercraft has its own effective lifespan and when the latter is over it needs an overhaul repair. Very often the boats to be reconstructed are the ones lying outdoors for a long time or decaying underwater. Also, maintenance and servicing are needed because of damage while the boat is in use. For example, the damage of the hull resulted in hitting it against a bolder or snag. KSC offers reconstruction of any watercraft at reasonable prices

Maintenance of Boats

Maintenance Costs depend on Complexity of Work

Reconstruction costs of boats vary depending on what type of servicing is required. Before the performance of work the defect detection is carried out in order to determine the degree of damage of the watercraft. For example, if the hull is damaged in a metal boat, the following methods of reconstruction can be used:

  • Welding. It is used under the serious damage of the hull. A metal repair patch is welded on instead of a breach. If an aluminum boat is reconstructed, argon welding is used.
  • Brazing. Small breaches on a hull are simply brazed. Preliminary specialists even the damaged spot after which it is fixed with a warmed solder.
  • Flattening. Dents on the hull are flattened by mall hammer blows. If seams are found, they are brazed.

Every method has its own peculiarities and complexity degree which influences their costs. Welding of a large breech will be more expensive than brazing of a microseam.

The key factor to calculate the costs is complexity of reconstruction works and quantity of required parts to be replaced. For example, planishing of a propeller screw will be more cost-effective than welding-on of a new blade.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company – maintenance of any complexity level

Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers fast and high-quality technical servicing of boats. Having trusted us, you will get all necessary services with issuing a guarantee. Our company is properly equipped to reconstruct watercrafts even the ones being seriously damaged. We service vessels from any producers made of any material. Kherson Shipbuilding Company implies exceptionally bargain prices at technical servicing of boats.