Aluminum catamaran construction

The construction of aluminum catamarans is an excellent solution for both sea and river shipping. Vessels of this kind are distinguished by minimal weight and excellent speed. In addition, such boats are great for the sea because of their good stability and controllability. Kherson shipbuilding company offers the construction of aluminum catamarans of any type and any size. We guarantee high quality.

Aluminum catamaran construction

Production of aluminum catamarans from HSP

Kherson shipbuilding company manufactures catamarans of various types and for various tasks. At our company you can order catamarans for subsequent use as:

  • Pleasure boat;
  • A working vessel for servicing fish farms and farms, marine wind generators;
  • Diving vessel for the delivery of divers and scuba divers;
  • Research and development, surveys of the bottom of water areas and measuring works;
  • Supply vessel, etc.

Depending on the purpose of the catamaran, various equipment can be installed on it – from lifting equipment, pressure chambers, feed transportation and storage devices, fry, and ending with expensive measuring systems and remotely controlled underwater vehicles. Additionally, the Kherson Shipbuilding Company can install any necessary equipment for the needs of the customer.

The main feature of the catamaran, in comparison with ordinary yachts and boats, is the presence of two hulls. This provides better controllability, speed and the ability to place additional equipment or a developed superstructure on a large deck that connects these hulls (floats) to each other. All these advantages make obvious the choice of a catamaran type vessel over a single hull vessel.

Why should one order a catamaran at HSP?

Kherson Shipbuilding Company uses high-quality marine aluminum for the construction of catamarans. Modern alloys are quite light and functional, from which it is possible to make ships for any purpose. HSP receives aluminum from trusted manufacturers, and the assembly of cases is carried out at its own facilities. We control the quality of connections at all stages.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company has vast experience in the construction of catamarans. We use components of our own production, or we get them from the best world manufacturers. Turning to us, you will get the best catamarans at competitive prices.