Production of vessel systems

Vessel systems and their proper work are important for all ship types. Pipeline systems play a crucial role in watercraft. With their help, the vessel supplies fuel, removes gases, and cools water for inner engines. Over time, pipelines and marine fittings become inefficient, so you should change them immediately. We, Kherson Shipbuilding Company, offer a quick and profitable construction of vessel systems.

Production of vessel systems

The production of ship pipeline systems is a multi-phased process. Initially, our professionals will create a project, considering all the needed features and customer’s wishes. After that, we provide the customer with all important documentation on the system installation and begin the process.

HSP vessel systems production process includes:

  • Selection of pipes and lock valves;
  • Manufacturing, installation of sections, assembly and welding, installation of system elements;
  • Installation of fasteners, layings, and attach hardware;
  • Dismantlement of the pipeline (in case of galvanizing);
  • Final testing and system checking;
  • Delivery to the customer and representative of the classification society.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers a wide range of services including ship pipeline systems installation for vessels of various types. By trusting us, you will get the best result for a warrant price.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company produces ship systems for any vessels. Our professionals are ready to complete a repair work of any difficulty level for any type of vessel. We provide the best service options for passenger cruisers and yachts, feluccas and seiners, self-propelled barges, harbor tugs, dry cargo carriers etc.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company uses pipes and valves from the best manufacturers of Ukraine and Europe. Our experts use exclusively certified products that meet all quality and safety requirements. Therefore, trusting us, you can have no doubt that the updated pipeline systems on your vessel will last as long as possible.

Ordering a pipeline system at HSP will also save you a lot of time. Our experienced engineers will provide you with a professional project quickly, so the process of construction or reparation will start in time. Kherson Shipbuilding Company grants high-quality work in shortest terms.