Cutter completion

The completion of cutters is a very popular service. The situations, when clients have started construction, but were forced to suspend it ahead of schedule for some reason and pick up an unfinished ship are common. The cause may be a shortage of money at a certain moment, opportunities of manufacturers of hull structures, that often do not produce complete shipbuilding, poor quality of work, or any other problems. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers to the customers the services of completion of boats at any stage of readiness. Our professionals will finish everything that our colleagues haven’t managed with.

Cutter completion

What does boat completion from HSP include?

As a rule, the Kherson Shipbuilding Company gets cutters with only the hull is ready. In rare cases, the degree of readiness is higher. In most cases, completion is carried out according to the already approved project, according to which construction began. However, making changes to the project at this stage is possible if the customer has such a desire and these changes do not contradict the rules of the Classification Society.

Within the framework of the completion of boats, the specialists of the HSP are ready to perform the following services:

  • Installation of marine diesel engines, manufacture and installation of gas exhaust systems, fuel, cooling, etc .;
  • Design, calculation and installation of propeller complex;
  • Equipment of the vessel with modern means of communication and navigation;
  • Arrangement of a driver’s cockpit with a control panel;
  • Work in the cabin of the vessel, if the boat is equipped with a cabin. Installation of comfortable seats, air conditioning system and other necessary devices;
  • Painting work, etc.

When the completion of the boat is completed, the ship is guided to sea trials. As part of the tests, the specialists of the Kherson Shipbuilding Company are adjusting all boat systems, checking the operation of the main components, and eliminating minor flaws. After our work, you receive a vessel completely ready for operation, with the perfect implementation of the project and taking into account all the wishes.

HSP – only high quality

Kherson Shipbuilding Company carries out the completion of boats for any purpose. We will complete the construction of a sports, pleasure or fishing boat. Our professionals specialize in the construction of ships of this kind, and have the necessary experience in this field. HSP provides a guarantee for any type of work. We carry out quality control at every stage of completion. Trusting us, you get the perfect result. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers favorable prices for any work.