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Production of vessel systems

Vessel systems and their proper work are important for all ship types. Pipeline systems play a crucial role in watercraft. With their help, the vessel supplies fuel, removes gases, and cools water for inner engines. Over time, pipelines and marine fittings become inefficient, so you should change them immediately. We, Kherson Shipbuilding Company, offer a quick and profitable construction of vessel systems.

Manufacturing of ship ladders

The production of ship ladders is required for both passenger and cargo ships. Ship ladders provide fast and safe passengers boarding and drop-off. This construction of this product is different for every type of ships, so it is better to order an exclusive building.

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Изготовление и монтаж систем судовых трубопроводов

Production and installation of ship pipeline systems

The manufacture of ship piping systems is required on a wide variety of ships starting from old, Soviet watercraft to new modern passenger and cargo vessels. Ship piping systems are arteries and veins through which the most important fluids for the functioning of a vessel flow. Therefore if the malfunction of any systems appears, you have to give it a repair immediately.