Re-equipment of tows

The re-equipment of tows is in demand both in the sea and in the river fleet. Watercraft of this type are often used to transport building materials and agricultural products along the largest rivers of Ukraine. However, most watercraft that are used for work are already obsolete. Many vessels do not meet safety requirements, and the costs of routine repairs make their operation unprofitable. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers customers the refit of tows in Ukraine at competitive prices.

Re-equipment of tows

What does the modernization of tows from KSC include?

Kherson Shipbuilding Company performs the modernization and reparation of both self-propelled and non-self-propelled barges. The specialists of our company are ready to perform a full range of work to upgrade the ship. Before starting the transformation, we determine the scope of modernization. Based on its results, we draw up a design and technical documentation according to which our work will be carried out.

As part of the modernization, specialists of the Kherson Shipbuilding Company provide the following services:

  • Replacement of corroded areas, elimination of holes and cracks in the hull;
  • Repair of ship diesel engines, propeller complex, control systems (for self-propelled barges);
  • Repair and replacement of towing equipment (for non-self-propelled vessels);
  • Strength check and replacement of fasteners;
  • Painting work.

Before completing the work, our professionals carry out a set of tests to make sure of the high quality of the repair and eliminate minor flaws.

What can a tow be turned into?

In addition to the modernization of barges, the specialists of the Kherson Shipbuilding Company are also ready to re-equip the craft and remake it another class of ships. In the case of barges, there can be many options.

Firstly, a non-self-propelled vessel can be turned into a self-propelled one by installing a marine diesel engine, a propeller complex and installing an erection with a control cabin. Secondly, the barge can be turned into a pleasure boat by equipping a passenger compartment. In a number of countries, non-self-propelled cargo ships are converted into floating restaurants, houses, and even hotels on the water. It all depends on the size of the barge, ideas, and budget of the customer. Kherson Shipbuilding Company is ready to realize any of your ideas.