Installation of a Thruster

Thruster is installed both on large boats and yachts. It is necessary to improve the steering capabilities of a watercraft. It is especially essential in case of maneuvers in a limited space (e.g. mooring in a port or yacht basin). A thruster of a yacht can significantly make ship handling easier which is especially important if you are a new entry and possess little experience in seafaring. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers installation of thrusters on boats and yachts of any type.

Installation of a Thruster

Which thruster is to be installed on a boat?

There are several types of ship thrusters and characteristics for their classification. For example, depending on the place of installation they are divided into stern and bow ones. As for the steering control principle, there are three basic types:

  • Outboard;
  • Shaft tunnel;
  • Pump.

The first type is a screw fixed in a single-purpose strut. The turn of a screw occurs alongside with the fastener. However, it is a strut that makes outside thrusters not effective on high capacity boats. As a rule, they are installed on small boats. Their price is the lowest one.

Tunnel thrusters are called so due to a tunnel which is made in the stern of a boat lower than the waterline. In the tunnel the screw is installed where the direction of the thrust force can be replaced. In some cases the screw is installed in a vertical tunnel and diverge it onto both boards.

A pump type implies a tunnel in the stern part but there is a pump inside not a screw. It is necessary to transfer water to the board into which direction thrusting is needed.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company installs a thruster on any watercraft

Professionals of Kherson Shipbuilding Company are ready to install a thruster on any vessel. Our experts will help you find an optimum alternative for a small boat as well as for a large pleasure yacht. Thrusters are installed according to all safety standards. We guarantee high quality.

KSC offers installation of thrusters at bargain prices. Having entrusted yourself to our professionals you will significantly facilitate handling of your yacht and reduce risks in damaging of your vessel.