Barges production

Construction of barges, as a rule, is ordered by agricultural and building enterprises of Ukraine. With the help of such vessels, bulk building materials (sand, gravel) or grain (wheat, oats, barley) are delivered to unloading terminals, which are located on the banks of large rivers of the country. In addition, the manufacture of barges is also ordered for shipping within Ukraine. Kherson Shipbuilding Company manufactures ships taking into account all the requirements of the customer.

Barges production

How does the construction of a barge is produced?

Any construction always starts with the development of the project. HSP engineers design the barge according to your wishes. In addition, we are ready to manufacture the vessel according to the standard design or according to your documentation. If the construction will be carried out according to the drawings of the client, our professionals will analyze them, and in case of identifying shortcomings, they will correct them.

The construction of a barge is a process that involves several stages. Kherson Shipbuilding Company performs the following works:

  • Ship hull construction, welding;
  • Installation of devices and mechanisms for towing a watercraft;
  • Production and installation of a screw-steering complex;
  • Arrangement of a tank and utah;
  • Arrangement of a cargo device, etc.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company also carries out the construction of self-propelled barges. A diesel engine is installed on the vessel; the pipeline systems necessary for the operation of the watercraft are equipped.

Our experts install the latest navigation tools and communication systems that allow you to establish the location and maintain contact with the port. All the vessels from the HSP are tested before delivery, during which the deficiencies are eliminated and the vessel is set up.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company – ship building with time saving

By ordering a self-propelled or non-self-propelled barge in the HSP, you can significantly save your time. Our professionals have vast experience that will significantly speed up the construction process. Kherson Shipbuilding Company has all the necessary equipment for work. We guarantee the execution of orders of any complexity as soon as possible.

HSP vessels mean not only timesaving, but also high quality. Control is carried out at each stage of production. We use equipment of our own production, as well as from the best world companies, for you to get a high-quality, reliable and functional barge.