Sale of Rope Reels

The opportunity to buy rope reels is worth considering by all vessel owners. As a rule, mooring and towline ropes of a small-sized vessel are kept in a special space under bottom boards on the fore-deck. This way of storage is not always acceptable especially if it refers to big vessels. A much better option in such a case is a rope reel. It is a special structure in the form of a steel or aluminum drum designed mainly for storing cable, mooring, and towing ropes. Such equipment refers to the deck one and it is installed on the deck of a vessel.

Advantages of Using a Rope Reel

Actually a rope reel is a drum on which a rope is wound and kept up to the next mooring. There are some advantages of such a solution.

  • A rope doesn`t get entangled. To buy a rope reel means to insure oneself from the problems of the kind.
  • A rope is always ready to towing and being cleared away. All it takes is to pull the end of the rope. After that a rope reel will unwind the required length. It is especially important in storm when you have to act quickly.
  • A mooring rope gets dry faster. Take a look at the photo of a rope reel: mind that the rope is wound not just thrown down. Thus fibers get dry much faster. Due to it the service life of mooring line is longer.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company – Best Rope Reels for Your Vessels

Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers to order a rope reel for your vessel at beneficial prices. You can purchase structures of various types from aluminum and steel. A rope reel can be manufactured non-driven without brakes, non-driven with a band brake or hand- brake. Rope reels are left-hade or right-hand units.

We are ready to manufacture rope reels according to drawings of a client and compliant to the regulatory documents (AUSs, ISOs etc).

Kherson Shipbuilding Company sells production of its own manufacturing. On the web-site you can buy ready-made units or order the structure by custom design. We can guarantee high quality of rope reels and their long service life. Besides, our professionals are ready to install the unit on your vessel. We provide delivery all over the territory of Ukraine.