Maintenance of Barges

As a rule, maintenance of barges is required after disappointing maneuvers which result in damaging boards and a bilge. Moreover, a lot of vessels built in the Soviet Union time are still used in the present-day river and sea shipping industry. In the given case the maintenance is usually provided because of lifetime reasons. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers its services in maintenance and servicing of flat-bottom boats. We restore both self-propelled and non-self-propelled watercrafts.

Maintenance of Barges

What does Servicing of Barges Include

First of all, technical servicing of flat-bottom vessels requires troubleshooting, compiling of technical specification and design documents. Activities are performed in strict adherence to the approved plan and requirements of the Register of Shipping. Professionals of Kherson Shipbuilding Company will provide the following types of maintenance:

  • clean-up of a bilge from fouling and shells;
  • flattening of dents in a hull;
  • welding works, clearing of small and big hull breaches;
  • replacement of parts in a hull and bilge;
  • checkup of fastenings at a flat bottom vessel, replacement of fasteners;
  • maintenance of a tow hitch designed for coupling with a tug boat;

Also, Kherson Shipbuilding Company provides maintenance of self-propelled barges. Our professionals are ready to eliminate malfunctions or replace a diesel engine and other elements at a vessel, repair vessel systems and test life-saving appliances.

After repairs activities are over, a client receives a completely intact and tested vessel according to the technical specification. KSC grants a warranty for all kinds of maintenance.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company – High Quality Maintenance of Barges

Professionals of Kherson Shipbuilding Company have vast experience in maintenance of self-propelled and non-self-propelled barges. On the territory of the plant there is all required equipment so that as to perform all the activities independently. Our engineers will get a maintenance plan ready and approve it with you.

KSC means high quality maintenance of barges in Ukraine. We manufacture many parts for vessels on our own, we order the rest of them such as ICE or reduction gearing reverse from the world-known companies. Having trusted our professionals, you`ll get the vessel serving the cause of your business for decades.