Maintenance of a Vessel

Timely maintenance of a vessel can significantly prolong the time of its operations. Very often the clients of Kherson Shipbuilding Company order maintenance or renovations considering the respectable age of a vessel. In such a case, an overhaul repair is needed. However, there are other reasons for clients to seek help at KSC. In particular malfunctions occur owing to errors of the crew, low quality technical maintenance, manufacturing defects. Specialists of Kherson Shipbuilding Company perform services in vessel repair quickly and thoroughly.

Maintenance of a Vessel

Technical Maintenance of Vessels in KSC

Kherson Shipbuilding Company carries out all types of vessel servicing and repair. Our specialists possess broad experience in completing works on various watercrafts. KSC is ready to render services for the following vessel types:

  • small boats (up to 5 man-spaces);
  • large motor yachts and holiday cabin cruisers designed for several dozens of passengers;
  • military and civil service vessels;
  • military and civil service launch;
  • self-propelled and non-propelled barges;
  • craft tugs;
  • fishing vessels, small fishing boats, trawlers and seiners;
  • barges and bulk carriers.

Specialists of Kherson Shipbuilding Company perform repair and modernization of vessel hulls made of various materials. Also, we service watercraft made of wood, steel, aluminum, and plastic. Clients can leave any vessel in trust of our professionals. We guarantee that all detected faults will be eliminated.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company implies high quality repair of your vessel. We grant a guarantee on all types of work in technical servicing of watercrafts.

What is the cost of vessel maintenance?

The cost of vessel maintenance depends on the number of factors. First of all, it refers to the volume of work. KSC offers:

  • minor repairs of vessels;
  • replacement of corroded parts of the vessel hull;
  • serious malfunction repair such as breakdown of an engine or elements of a propeller-rudder system;
  • overhaul repair of vessels, including the one in order to prolong life cycle;
  • modernization and renovation of a vessel.

Type of a vessel, the material of a hull and other technical peculiarities influence the price. Costs can rise if special parts should be ordered. They might be the ones not produced or absent at warehouses of KSC. You can review the price list of services in maintaining after consulting with our specialists by phone or writing a letter by e-mail.