Sale of Screw Propellers

A screw propeller is the most important unit of the vessel. It provides the motion of a boat or yacht; it is exactly where the torque effect is conveyed from an engine. However, the given element should be replaced some day or other. The most widespread cause is a blow on the bilge which results in bent and broken blades. In such a case it is necessary to buy a vessel screw propeller and set it up instead of the damaged one.

Sale of Screw Propellers

What is The Right Way to Buy Screw Propellers for Your Vessel

The question of high priority in selecting the screw propeller for your vessel is power of an engine and gear reduction rate. Salted seamen don`t recommend choosing mechanisms for vessels based on tachometer readings only. You shouldn`t buy items through the grapevine or do it on the advice of your acquaintances. You want to know the exact capacity of an engine, characteristics of a reducer, and based on the above information you can choose propellers for a boat or yacht. The other important criterion is the ratio between screw thrust and speed developed by a vessel while using the former. One and the same engine installed, different types of propellers can provide better thrust of a vessel or its higher speed.

Besides, vessel screws fall into groups by the material they are made from. We used three types of metal to manufacture screws at our enterprise:

  • aluminum;
  • stainless steel;
  • shipbuilding steel.

Aluminum samples have thicker blades compared to the steel screw propellers. That`s why they use characteristics of an engine worse. The feedback about them says that such items are short-life; every blow on the bilge can damage their geometry. It will result in their replacement.

Am important factor is quantity of blades. Vessel screw propellers with 3 blades are mostly often sold. But their quantity can be different. In particular, there are items with 2, 4, 5, blades fixed. Goods from composite materials have become popular for the last time.

Besides, it is good to consider the diameter of an object, blade spacing, disk-area ratio, particularities of a boss.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company Offers a Wide Range of Screw Propellers

Kherson Shipbuilding Company provides selection, calculation and sale of screw propellers for the vessels of any type. At our shop a client can order an item both for a small fishing vessel and big fishery trawler or passenger boat. We offer a big variety of items different in characteristics due to which you can find a suitable option for any engine.

At KSC you can buy screw propellers at beneficial prices. Besides, our professionals will perform installation of items on your vessels. The warranty covers all goods that you buy from us. Delivery and payment are made any convenient way.