Sale of a Marine Gearbox

A marine gearbox is the most important part of transmission in a stationary diesel engine. With its help the torsion moment is conveyed from the engine to the propulsor and screw shaft speed is decreased. Moreover, the change of the course (reverse) is performed with the equipment of the type. That’s why if the marine reverse gear is out of order, the watercraft can`t be used. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers speed reduction gears for engines of any type.

Sale of A Marine Gearbox

How to Choose a Marine Gearbox

Marine reverse gears fall into groups by several key characteristics, including

  • transmitted torque,
  • gear ratio.

More often reverse gears with hydraulic shifting are used on vessels. Less often speed reduction gears with mechanical gear shift are used. As a rule, such SRGs are installed on the vessels with engines of low power from 10 to 60 kW.

A hydraulic reduction gear is rarely used. That’s why when it refers to a hydraulic vessel reduction gear, it is namely hydraulic system of transmission control which is implied. It is a more modern and comfortable way of transmission control. They are usually installed on modern vessels. Refit is required to use them on old watercrafts.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company – Speed Reduction Gears of Any Characteristics

Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers reverse reduction gears for vessels of any type. Having addressed our plant, you can choose equipment both for a small fishing felucca and large pleasure craft. We sell makes of the leading world producers. All reduction gears are secured against water and dust, that’s why you can be sure of their flawless performance at crucial moments. The equipment that you can order at KSC is granted with warranty.

KSC products – it’s not only safe but also cost-effective. We offer reasonable prices for the reduction gears of any type. We will deliver your order to any part of Ukraine. Also, professionals of Kherson Shipbuilding Company offer services in vessels maintenance. We can replace a reduction gear quickly and competently. Having chosen parts from KSC you head for reliability and efficiency.