Re-equipment of the yacht

Alteration of the yacht is required quite often. In most cases, ship-owners want to increase the comfort of their ship, make it more comfortable or suitable for long transitions, participation in races. In addition, old boats need constant investment. Motorized vessels consume too much fuel, but at the same time, they are not very fast. Often, age-related yachts fail and stand idle at the docks, and then completely become unusable. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers re-equipment of yachts at reasonable prices.

Re-equipment of the yacht

The way the modernization of the yacht is produced by HSP specialists

Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers to the customers several options for the conversion of yachts. The final solution depends on the needs of the customer and the type of vessel that comes to our specialists. HSP professionals will perform a defect and identify all problems that are present on the ship. Given the shortcomings found, we draw up a project and coordinate it with the customer. As soon as the scope of work is agreed, the employees of the HSP begin to work. Modernization of yachts may include the following operations:

  • Replacement of marine diesel with a more powerful, modern and economical;
  • Equipping watercraft with the latest control systems;
  • Installation of new communication and navigation tools
  • Improving the comfort of a cabin: interior decoration of cabins, furniture replacement, repair and installation of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems;
  • Repair of ship pipeline systems, etc.

In addition, as part of the modernization, ship hull diagnostics are mandatory. All cracks, corrosion areas, in the case of a steel body, holes and dents are detected. After the hull repair is completed, the vessel is painted, after that it is launched.

Is it possible to re-equip a sailing yacht into a diesel one?

Specialists of the Kherson Shipbuilding Company also offer the conversion of sailing ships into diesel or combined sail-motor. In order to implement this project, a number of works will be required. First of all, you need to install the engine and fuel system. A propeller-steering complex is installed on the sailing yacht, that provides controllability.

Installation of special systems that provide control over the yacht, as well as navigation and communications. HSP specialists can optionally install a thruster that will make it easier for beginners to control.