Maintenance of a Small Sized Vessel

Maintenance of small sized vessels is one of the specialization profiles at Kherson Shipbuilding Company. In fact, such services are often provided by our specialists. The age of watercrafts, unsatisfactory technical servicing, and production defects, poor training of the crew and navigators lead to various damages. We are addressed with problems resulting from engine trouble, corrosion, and hull breaches, faults, a propeller-rudder complex etc. Kherson Shipbuilding Company implies maintenance of small sized vessels at the most affordable prices whatever complicated damage is.

Maintenance of a Small Sized Vessel

Maintenance and Servicing of Small Sized Vessel at KSC

A watercraft being transported to the dockage facilities, specialists of Kherson Shipbuilding Company carry out troubleshooting of a vessel to detect defects, their causes as well as the other problems leading to malfunction in the nearest future. Specialists of KSC are ready to remedy any fault on your ship. We offer the following services:

  • Hull cleaning from seaweeds and shells, sand blast cleaning of the hull surface;
  • Removal of corroded spots, elimination of breaches, seams, dents of the hull;
  • Repairs and replacement of vessel diesel engines;
  • Technical servicing of electrical equipment and navigational systems;
  • Repairs of pipelines of a vessel;
  • Repairs of insulation, planking, furniture, and tents;
  • Painting work etc.;

The repairs being completed the specialists of Kherson Shipbuilding Company perform testing and debugging of vessel systems. The watercraft is given back to the owner upon all the trials having been carried out. The performance of the work can be controlled by yourself or your representative throughout its entire period.

Our services – guarantee for flawless performance of your vessel for a long time

Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers servicing of small sized vessels of any type. We are ready to repair not only a small boat but also a 45-meter barge, steel fishing boat as well as a wooden deluxe yacht. We eliminate breakdowns on passenger, fishing and cargo small sized vessels. KSC grants warranty on all types or repairs.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company implies not only high quality of service but also favourable prices. We offer all required parts directly from manufacturers, most of the other parts are produced on-the-scene at factory workshops of KSC. No intermediaries present, we offer the services with minimal extra charges. Trust professionals of KSC and get high quality maintenance at reasonable prices!