Sale of a Vessel Diesel Engine

«Looking to purchase a vessel diesel engine» is a frequently met ad. The majority of vessels used in our country are of respectable age. Many of them were manufactured in the USSR times. And the engines call for corresponding servicing which is not always available. That`s why the replacement of the power unit can be required at any moment. Kherson Shipbuilding Company – your opportunity to buy vessel diesel engines from the dealer of the well-known European manufacturer.

Sale of A Vessel Diesel Engine

You Will Find Solution for Any Type of Vessel in the Catalogue of Vessel Diesel Engines

Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers both new and preowned vessel diesel engines for watercrafts of any type. Engines of the kind are inboard only and they are installed on the vessels where more power, efficiency, comfort and easy servicing are required. For example, they can be

  • a fishing felucca, trawler, seiner,
  • pleasure motor boat and motor ships,
  • “floating restaurants”, entertaining vessels,
  • yachts,
  • dock tugs etc.

A modern vessel diesel engine has the number of advantages over outmoded Soviet ships. First of all, it refers to power, reliability and efficiency, which is the most important. Refitted engines and fuel systems are less exposed to intensive operation. Moreover, such engines are more environmentally compliant.
You will choose engines of any characteristics in the catalogue of vessel engines. We offer a broad range of options by volume, power, fuel consumption, turning number and the other indicators.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company – Quality Guarantee

Having installed a diesel engine from Kherson Shipbuilding Company on your vessel, you as a ship-owner can be certain that your watercraft will be in action for a long time. We sell power units from reputable companies known for reliability. In the catalogue you will find products meeting safety requirements.
We offer power units at beneficial prices. Warranty covers all diesel engines from Kherson Shipbuilding Company. Delivery of engines is performed on all the territory of Ukraine. Professionals of KSC offer installing and debugging of power units. Having chosen products and services from KSC, you can be sure that your vessel won`t fail you.